Super Pumped Trailer, Revealed Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the Uber’s CEO

Super Pumped

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Super Pumped Updates: An American series that is going to be released soon that is Super Pumped was illustrated by the two writers Brian Koppelman and David Levien. The content of the story is related to the 2019 nonfiction book which was with the same title and the words in the book came from the mind of Mike Isaac.

The first season of the series was declared with a title called The Battle For Uber. The creators of the series are ready to telecast the series on February 27 of 2022. The series was created in the united states and the complete series was done in the English language.

The first season of the series deals with the roller coaster ride which belongs to the famous company. Up to now only the trailer and teaser of the series have come out. The series explained the ups and downs of Silicon Valley.

Clarity From The Trailer Of The 1st season

Till now we have got a trailer from the creators of the series. The information given in the series is about the CEO of the uber company which was cast by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Travis Kalanick which was released in the month of December. Some of the words from the trailer are wild, loud, cocky, shady, reckless, excessive, ridiculous, damaging, and outrageous.

Plot Of The First Season Of Super Pumped

Let us know the detailed summary of the first season of the series Super Pumped is about Silicon Valley with a lot of ups and downs. The uber company of the series deals with the roller-coaster and this was also a transportation company.

The super pumped is about the business and the culture which was changed a lot. Let us see what happens when the season comes on to screen whether it will be a hit or not.

Main Characters Which Are Coming In The 1st Season Of Super Pumped


• Elisabeth Shue performed a character as Bonnie Kalanick
• Uma Thurman performed a character as Arianna Huffington
• Joseph Gordon performed as Travis Kalanick. We are going to see him as the CEO of the uber
• John Michael Higgins performed a character as Mike Ovitz
• Kyle Chandler performed a character as Bill Gurley
• Hank Azaria performed a character Tim Cook
• Richard Schiff performed a character as Randall Pearson
• Jessica Hecht performed a character as Amy Gurley
• Kerry Bishe performed a character as Austin Geidt
• John Magaro performed a character as John Zimmer
• Frank Scozzari performed a character as Passerby-San Francisco
• Jon Bass performed a character as Garrett Camp
• Jeremy Howard performed a character as Anthony Levandowski
• Noah Weisberg performed a character as Quentin
• Darren Pettie performed a character as Hendricks
• Mark Gessner performed a character as Gil
• Mousa Kraish performed a character as Fawzi Kamel
• Babak Tafti performed a character as Emil Michael
• Michael Adler performed a character as Michael Wolfe


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