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Pete Davidson Wants His Relationship With Kim Kardashian To Last Long !

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Pete Davidson says his relationship with Kim Kardashian should never end. In Hollywood, we see that how things run fast and are always in rush. From the acting to any project, it’s the same. And when it comes to any relationship then the majority belongs to this category.

We see how any couple or any individual goes fast in any relationship of theirs and they head to marriage or engagement. But when it comes to some minorities then it is quite different. Some celebrities used to be in the rush but now they became calm in it. Pete Davidson is one of them.

Pete Davidson, the SNL host of 28-year-old has now become very calm and swift in his relationship. We have seen that how Pete has always moved fast in his relationship but it seems that this is not the case with him anymore, at least not for Kim Kardashian.

Pete and Kim are dating each other for the last 3 months. It was in October 2021 that their dating has started. It all started when Kim has hosted the show and made her debut as an SNL host. They became the characters of the film Aladdin and they have even shared a brief kiss on screen.

Pete Davidson And Kim Kardashian Together

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Pete is now serious related to his relationship with Kim. He thinks that this relationship is different from others he had, it is important for him. Pete is not ready to screw this relation with Kim in my case. Pete has dated many beauties before Kim. He has dated Kate Beckinsale, Pheobe, and Ariana Grande too.

He has dated some few weeks with Ariana and has proposed to her in June 2018 but this engagement lasted long for just a few more weeks and they got separated. But this time Pete does not want to hurry. He wants to take it as it is and take it slowly with Kim. He wants to progress gradually with Kim because he wants it to last longer than ever. He doesn’t want to ruin it anyway.

Kim who is 41, has never let her age come in between her love for Pete. The couple is enjoying their movie and dinner date together. They are spending time with each other’s mothers too. We have seen that how Pete and Kris and Kim were wearing the same dress in a single click.

They are getting stronger every day. Kim is the mother of four kids and she never let these things come in between. Her relation with Kanye has lasted just 7 years but she is doing well with him too as he is the father of her kids. Kanye is now dating the actress Julia Fox and the couple is getting hotter day by day.

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