Euphoria Season 3: Here Is The Recap Of Euphoria Season 2: Fezco Beats Nate and Nate Hooks Up With Lassie!

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Euphoria Season 3 Updates: If my new series come or any of its new season or episodes come then we know how it becomes fire between the viewers. From the character’s development to the introduction of new events, we have seen that everything leads to the things we have never expected.

Something like this has happened with the new season of the series Euphoria. Euphoria is a series of American teens that about drugs in their life and how these things created a fuss in their life.

Euphoria Season two has released the first of its episode and it is already getting a lot of viewership. We have seen some great work by the actors in this series. In the first episode, we will see that how Fezco is going to confront Nate and Jules. We will also see that how Cassie betrayed a friend of hers.

We have seen the upbringing of Fezco with his father. It is now his grandmother who is taking care of him. She is more of a friend and business partner to him. She taught him almost everything, like dealing with life as well as with drugs too. She rarely treats him like a kid of her but more of a business partner.

Then in the story, we see that how Ashtray came. We also see that the Grandmother of Fezco collapsed and he is the one who has to take care of the business of the family. When it comes to Fezco and Ashtray then he always treated him like a brother of his own and can go to war for him.

Euphoria Season 3: Nate And Lassie’s Future

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Fresco then headed to have some business with Rue. Rue was then seen with one of the girlfriends of the drug dealer. Rue then tells something related to Jule leaving Rue. Then the heroine was pulled out and was offered to Rue but Rue refused it and she kept it away.

We have also seen that how things went worse when the male drug dealer leader told everyone to put their clothes down and to go naked. He told them to do so because he wanted to see if there is any wire that they have carried. Rue was not ready to go naked so that’s why the male leader pulled her into the shower. Rue said that she is not going to tell anything to anyone but he did not listen. Rue then came back to the kitchen.

We have also seen that how Lexi was at the party and looking for Lassie. Then they get in a fight and she went out of that car. It was then Nate who gave him a ride to the party when he saw her near a grocery shop. Nate and she ended up at a party and they were hooking up in a strange place what we call is the bathroom.

Maddy then came to find her and he even knocked on the door hard but no one cared for it. Lassie then told him to leave because she was quite scared but Maddy said to her to trust him. Lassie was then kept herself in the tub and Muddy entered inside the washroom. He was not able to find toilet paper so that’s why he used the towel and threw it in the tub, over Lassie.

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