Dexter: New Blood Season 2 Release Date, Episode, Rumors and Other Details

Dexter: New Blood Season 2 Updates: Looking at the success of the first season of Dexter: New Blood, admirers of the show are eagerly awaiting the series’’ most probable announcement for the second season.

Dexter Conclusion: The New Blood wrapped up the story of Dexter, who had disappeared from the first finals, but returned to a new series under the name Jim Lindsay.

According to Deadline, the seventh episode of the series has enrolled 2.34 million viewers everywhere on December 19 and this has marked the majority of Sunday viewers on the Showtime series since Shameless Season 8 premiered on November 5, 2017.

And about, a month and a half after the first episode of Dexter: New Blood aired, the series has reached 8.2 million viewers.

Dexter: New Blood is a limited series and any further discussions about Dexter will have to wait until we finish broadcasting a limited series and see where we stand on our issues with our characters, “Showtime Entertainment President Gary Levine told December.

Dexter New Blood Season 2: Release Date

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There has never been an official announcement from Dexter: New Blood will get its second season, but producer and director Clyde Phillips has expressed his desire to continue the story of Dexter and Rita Morgan’s son, Harrison Morgan.

“As I said, this show is doing great,” said Phillips.

“Once people start enjoying this after the game I am sure the numbers will continue to rise. It’s time to dump her and move on. If they asked me if I would like to continue with this I would say yes.

Dexter: New Blood Season 1 concludes with a shocking turn of events, which also sets the stage for Season 2. to bring back the famous killer of one last season. A series of revival series saw Dexter live under a fake ID in Iron Lake, New York, 10 years after he lied about his death in Miami. Having avoided killing since viewers last saw him, Dexter: The first episode of Blood 1 marked the return of Dexter’s subsequent assassination – and his long-lost son Harrison, a young man with a black rider, who began to show the end of New. Blood.

Dexter: The New Blood finalist started the drama when the killer was arrested for killing Matt Caldwell by his girlfriend, Police Chief Angela Bishop. While cleverly escaping his questions, he also came to the conclusion that Dexter was a Bay Harbor Butcher, with an ID from Angel Batista. While in prison, Dexter escaped by killing Logan – an innocent man – before fleeing into the woods to meet Harrison and fleeing Iron Lake permanently.

However, Harrison questioned his father’s real motives, realizing that his father’s murder cost the lives of innocent people like Rita and Deb and that Harrison’s Black Rider was caused by Dexter, not the Trinity.  In the last episode of the series, Harrison takes his gun and shoots Dexter to death, while his father talks to him about the process of pulling the gun, allowing him to be put down.  Angela appears again, in one last episode, releasing Harrison, and the series ends as Harrison drives to Iron Lake.

After ten years of waiting for such an important conclusion, viewers are now left to decide whether the end of Dexter’s New Blood has succeeded in rescuing Dexter’s mysterious first-season failures.  Although it seemed inevitable that Dexter would die, there are still questions as to why such acts eventually took place, their significance in the story, and what the future held for the game.

As Dexter’s story moves to the ending, here’s a look at why tall that has to happen, a description of Dexter’s last monologue, and how Dexter: The End of the New Blood marks Harrison’s second season.

Why Harrison Had to Kill Dexter


Shocking, but the most logical thing about Dexter: New Blood Harrison, Dexter’s son who had been looking for him for several years, killed his father shortly after the two were arrested.

Although Harrison, the would-be shooter, was shocked, the idea that Dexter’s story would end with his death was inevitable – and Dexter: The End of the New Blood closed his mind as he killed the innocent Logan.

Although Dexter excused his murder as a precautionary measure, Dexter was an innocent murderer whose actions resulted in the deaths of many innocent people, including many of his loved ones.

While the transition between Harrison thinks of Dexter as a great hero and thinks of him as a sudden beast, a logical escape makes sense. Harrison longed to be like his father when Dexter taught him the Law, but when the time came when he saw blood coming out of Kurt’s body, he could not abort, and everything was full of memories of his mother’s death. by the Trinity Killer.

Harrison would never be the same as Dexter, and it was a matter of time before he decided he could no longer take it and open his father. Harrison even admits that his Black rider was innocent of Rita’s death by Trinitarian Assassin: it was because of Dexter’s abandonment and failure as his father.

Season 2 Hunches!

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Dexter: The End of New Blood sees Harrison smiling as he exits Iron Lake in his father’s truck, heading for an undisclosed location with an undisclosed future. Harrison’s smile is not cruel in killing his father, however: the relief smile that his father loved so much that he allowed him to kill him and eventually shut him down, and Harrison can still live any life he wants, isn’t it.  guided by the father’s inheritance or actions.

However, Harrison studied the Code and still has his dark tendencies, suggesting that he could continue such a life in the future. Harrison is likely to arrive in Miami, which could mean a season when he reconnects with his siblings Astor and Cody Bennett and possibly contacts his Dexter colleagues at the Miami Metro.

The last episode of Dexter: New Blood also left one big question: Will Dexter be recognized as a Bay Harbor Butcher?

Evidence against Dexter Angela’s assassination of Matt Cadwell and Bay Habor Butcher is unlikely to remain in court, especially as Dexter made sure to plant more evidence against James Doakes in Dexter’s 7th season when Maria LaGuerta took over. to him.

The only major evidence Angela had against Dexter as a Bay Harbor Butcher was the Ketamine link, which is actually the result of Dexter’s first drug for M99. Dexter: The New Blood was shed again with Angel Batista ascending Iron Lake, but he never appeared again, so it is unclear what his role was in convincing Dexter as the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Dexter: New Blood Season 2 is set on the assumption that Dexter is not yet fully confirmed as a Bay Harbor Butcher, while the future of Harrison without his father is uncertain.

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