Julia Fox Shared How She Met Kanye And About Her Post Date Photoshoot!

Julia Fox now revealed how she and Kanye West Met. It takes only a few days or months to recover from a breakup but sometimes it does take a whole lifetime. If we talk particularly about some celebrities then the former one is the reality for them.

We have seen that how breakup has changed some of our celebrities and their split resulted in some great controversy. We have seen in the last few months that how the split happened and how they indulged themselves in a new one. Kanye West is among them who is now dating Julia Fox.

Kanye West is now dating the actress Julia Fox and sharing a good bonding with her. When it comes to his divorce then he is now moving well in his life. Recently the couple went on a date to watch theatre as well as they went on a dinner date too where they posed together for photographs. In the short interview that was taken by Hollywood Reporter, Julia shared something related to the date and how she met Ye.

Julia said that she met Ye on New Year Eve. They immediately had that connection that led up to their romance. They were seen doing kissing and making out on a recent date. She shared that she met him first in Miami and she felt for him instantly and the same happened with Ye too.

Julia Fox And Kanye West Were Really on a Dinner Date


She said that he is good and his energy is full of fun and people love it to be around. The last time they went on a dinner date at Carbone, Miami, her favorite restaurant. The couple was seen two times going on date. Julia later said that how Kanye made her laugh and smile and the same happened with friends too, he made them dance as well as laugh too. She said that they all were smiling and enjoying it all night.

Julia said that they had planned to watch the theatre. So Kanye’s flight landed right at 6:00 pm and the theatre starts at 7:00 pm, but still, Kanye reached on time and that impressed Julia. After the play, they went to Carbone for the dinner date. She said that they enjoyed the restaurant.

Kanye was there to direct her photoshoot at the restaurant, just for her. They also did a photoshoot together where they were seen kissing each other.

The whole restaurant cheered for it and they loved it. But wait, these things were just the starter. Julia who was astonished by Kanye gentleness and energy was shocked a bit more when Kanye came up with a whole room full of clothes and dresses. She said that it was like any girl’s or women’s dream to see themselves as Cinderella. She told that she felt like Cinderella. It was like one of her dream come true.

Kanye is trying hard to move on and now he has got the reason too, Julia Fox. The couple is going smoothly and they love it. They love to spend time with each other. We are hoping to see them more often now, maybe on a movie date or any meal date.

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