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Olympic Gymnast Suni Lee Opened That How Much Hatred She Receives In Having Interracial Relation With Jaylin Smith!

Suni Lee
The Independent

Suni Lee shared in a recent interview, racism is something that has always been an issue for some people but for some, it is not even a thing. We have seen that how Racism has been dealt with in Hollywood or Bollywood. But when it comes to sports zone then we know that it is also there in professional to a personal level.

We have seen that how colored people have faced problems and how people comment bad about them. Something like this has happened with Olympian Suni Lee who faced hateful comments for her dating Jaclyn.

Suni Lee became the first-ever American Asian girl or female gymnast who won an all-around competition at the previous Olympics, Tokyo. She is 18 years old and now she is dating Jaylin Smith who is 26 years old. She has recently opened that how people hate her dating her boyfriend who is a little colored.

She has faced these things for a quite long time, the time she got open about her relationship with Smith. She is very happy with him and vice versa, they are going well with each other. We know that their relationship is interracial and that’s why it is not getting accepted by many of her fans and haters.

It was all revealed through the comment that was done on her TikTok video of 30th December 2021. One of the TikTok users commented in support of Suni and said that Love is just love, there is no gender and no race for it.

Later on, that user commented Suni to keep doing things that she is doing and called her Queen. In reply to this comment, Suni came at the front. She said this comment made her happy. She said that she has received a lot of hate from people. They don’t support her relationship.

What Suni Lee Shared?

Suni Lee
Social Telecast

They only support it when they find any benefit from it and if they don’t find then they never do it. She concluded the comment by thanking her fans.

Suni is quite clear about her relation. She knew that she had never fallen for colors but the persona and that is the reason why she is going strong with Smith. They do support each other a lot and also they have their back for themselves in any terms and conditions.

Suni Lee and Jaylin Smith are now a couple for some months. They came officially in December and made it public. It was through one of the Instagram posts of Suni Lee where she has uploaded a sweet and lovable picture of her hugging Smith. Both of them were wearing black and hoodie and was smiling.

The caption of that post was nothing but a white heart emoji and this was enough to make fire. They were seen in cheeks to cheeks pose.

Suni has also uploaded a photo where we have seen that how her family supports her. Her mother had a silver medal for her and her father was having the gold one. Meanwhile, Suni was having a bronze one. The picture was taken after she won when she came back home again.

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