Danica McKellar Shared Her No Makeup Look In Her Latest Selfie! She Indeed Is Aging Back!

Danica McKellar revealed she needs no make to look beautiful. We have seen that in Hollywood celebrities always age backward. From Jennifer Lopez to Britney Spears and Kris Jenner, we have seen that wrinkles are not in their dictionary.

It is not just the makeup that keeps them young but their actual fitness, eating style, exercise, and many more things keep them young. They shared many make-up-free selfies or videos or photos to show their real skin that shines a lot. Among them is now, Danica McKellar.

What Danica McKellar Shared About Her No Makeup Look?


Danica McKellar is a multitalented American. From acting to doing mathematics, she manages all. She is a writer and an advocate too. She is famously known for her role called Winnie Cooper in Wonder Years (1988-1993). Recently the 47-year-old actress has taken her Instagram where she has posted a selfie with her natural skin, no make-up on.

She has posted a selfie on her birthday where we can see her inside her bathroom and she clicked this picture just after taking shower. Her hair was wet and she was all red cheeks and nose. She flaunted her makeup-free as well as fancy-free look. It was on Monday, 3rd January that she posted this with a huge long caption.

She started with saying hi to her 47 years old. She then, later on, revealed the secret of her youth-looking face and glowing face. She said that her attitude is her secret. She remains healthy and follows a clean lifestyle. She also said that our mind, as well as our body, are interconnected with each other so that’s why one should take proper care of both mind and body.

She later invited her fans to her birthday party that went virtual due to the pandemic. She suggested people eat healthily, rest well, eat well, exercise well to keep themselves young. The inner joy makes one’s life fun.

She said that she always disciplined herself to see good in everything present in this world. She takes gratitude and accepts and even more than that she gives it more. She also revealed that for her it was quite fun in making her movie called ” The Winter Palace”.

In that live session, she has answered some of the questions of her fans who asked things about her and her work. She answered them with her costar Neal Bledsoe.

She is married to Michael Verta in the year 2009 and later on, this couple announced that they are now the parents of a son named Draco who is now 11 years old. But due to some reason, their marriage failed and they headed to divorce in 2012.

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