Miley Cyrus Became A Pro When She Recovers Her Wardrobe Malfunction.

Miley Cyrus Wardrobe Malfunction in her NYE Party. There are many ways to celebrate New Year but nothing is like the way we spent this day at home and watch our favorite celebrities perform on the TV. There have been many programs and show that have arranged some New Year themes for the viewers.

Some arranged a party pop while others a comedy show. We have seen such things before a lot of time and this time again we saw amazing party pops on Television. Among them was Miley’s New Year Party.

Miley Cyrus, the 29-year-old singer has arranged a party for the viewers of NBC which she hosted together with Pete Davidson. She has performed her hit song called Party In The USA. While performing the song Miley lost control over her shirt but she maintained it quite well.

She knows very well that how the show must go on and how to maintain it. She came to the channel NBC at midnight and performed some songs. She performed Party In The USA as well as We Can’t Stop.

She was wearing a tiny top that was of silver color and was glittering too. To match with the top she was wearing a mini skirt of the same color. She was flaunting her abs and in between the performance, one can see her well-maintained figure.

Miley Cyrus handled things like a pro.


While performing on the stage, her silver top fell in between. Without taking any worries about it, Miley decided to continue the show. She proved herself to be a pro in this and recovered it quite well. She went backstage and there she started performing Party In The USA.

Her backup singers were also supporting her and giving her backup. She on the other hand opted for a red full-sized jacket that covered her shoulder and her dress too. She then came on stage and rocked it. She continued to sing till the end of the performance. Later on, the pop singer has made a joke about it and said that to the crowd that how many amounts clothes she has worn.

She hosted this show with Pete Davidson, the SNL host. Pete also made fun of this and said that we had a little boob-slip in the show. He added this comment with the words like, “in solidarity, here are my boobies”. We have seen that how Pete and Miley were poking each other and joking about themselves.

Everything was great at that party, especially the way Miley handled everything. What we do miss was Kim Kardashian as we have a habit to see Kim and Pete together.

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