Is Chris Evans Dating Anyone?

Examine the Captain America Star’s Matchmaking Past. Chris Evans has earned the same love and admiration as his Avengers superhero alter oneself, Captain America, for being alluring, witty, attractive, decent, smart, and a stand-up man.

and making light of the fact that he is one of “the Chrises” (alongside Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, and Chris Pratt).

So it’s no surprise that Evans is a well-known “internet bf.” That he is universally adored.

Chris Evans is in a relationship?

Geeks On Coffee

No, as ridiculous as it may sound. Chris Evans will be single in 2022, as far as we can tell. Why? He turns out to be a little apprehensive about making a commitment.

His entire life, he had been a self-sufficient individual. One of his favorite pastimes is camping alone.

He prefers to be around people who share his interests. Having a partner who simply adopts his way of life can be upsetting to him.

Chris Evans has never married, but he hopes to one day.

Is Chris Evans dating Selena Gomez?

Teen Vogue

Evans apparently was spotted at the same diner as Only Murders in the Building celeb Selena Gomez in October 2021, though photos of Evans and Gomez on a claimed date did turn out to be from different areas and even separate years.

Evans, on the other hand, began following Gomez on Instagram (she didn’t follow him back; argh!).

In October, shippers spotted a brunette who appeared to be Gomez in a reflection throughout a video of Evans at the piano in his Instagram story.

Some other hint? Gomez sported a cream cable-knit sweater very comparable to the one Evans popularly wore in Knives Out in a TikTok clip from her best friend Taylor Swift.

Was she attempting to convey a message to us?

After all, Gomez admitted to having a crush on Evans back in 2015. [Almost everyone Gomez].

Should we continue to ship them despite the fact that neither she nor Evans have commented on the rumors of them dating?

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