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Death to 2021 Reviews: The Mixture of fiction and reality made it the best satire on year 2021

Death to 2021 Reviews: Death to 2021 would be the best series to watch on Netflix before leaving the year 2021 behind and accepting 2022. The series revolves around the fictional characters and they’re revisiting this year from January to December.

The series produced from the archival video footage, which has been used to create humor with the satire on the human life and expectations which is leading us to the ultimate goal the death.

Let’s start with the Trailer of Death to 2021

The series looks full of interviews of various characters from academicians, journalists to every sector of people, the video conferencing and urge of holding friends and families in their hands. The various human emotions like anxiety and stress caused due to the pandemic, the sense of losing so many loving people around have been addressed in the series in a very humorous way.

The montages in the series Death to 2021, are sobering and the narration by Laurence Fishburne gives the series the authentic dreadful environment to the series.

Death to 2021 Reviews

Can you imagine how many topics you can cover in one series to create a bouquet of any year, there is an almost infinite number of things which can be covered but the creator of the series Charlie Brooker who is also the executive producer of the series has covered almost everything we can imagine and it’s almost the perfect series to revisit the year 2021.

About the Characters and Cast’s Performances in the sequel of Death to 2020

As we all know this is the sequel to the previous year’s ‘Death to 2020’ which was also released on Netflix last year this time only. And the cast who has reprised in this series have are Golden Globe Award Winner Hugh Grant, Lucy Liu (Screen Actors Guild Awards Winner), British-American Actress Tracey Ullman, Actor, and Writer Samson Kayo, Joe Keery (Must have seen him in Netflix’s Stranger Things), William Jackson Harper (Chidi Anagonye of ‘The Good Place’), ‘The Good Wife’ actress Stockard Channing, Nick Mohammed, and others.

You may be satisfied with the names only but, I must say that every cast has given almost their best performance in the series and they can be seen delivering their personal intake to the series as you would feel their emotions for real in the series.

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