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Captain Marvel Actress Brie Larson Revealed Her Transformation For Room And Her Method Acting !

Brie Larson on Room Movie

Captain Marvel Actress Brie Larson Revealed her acting Methods in the movie Room. We have seen that how hard it is for the actors to perform a certain character that they have never experienced and never seen before. They do all kinds of research as well as they apply all kinds of methods to adapt that character and this is the reason why we love them seeing on screen. Many actors and actresses have given their best in certain characters due to the method of acting and that is the reason why we love to appreciate them. Among them is Oscar-Winning actress of Room, Brie Larson.

Brie Larson on Room

Brie Larson who is a filmmaker as well as an American actor has recently opened up about her role in the film Room. Brie is known for her role as Ma in Room and has received many appreciations as well as great honors and awards, including one Oscar, One Holden Globe, and also a Primetime Emmy Award. We know very well that Brie Larson has got her first-ever nomination in Academy Awards for her role in Room and she even won it. But do we know that how much effort she put in that character to make it real?

Brie Larson on Room

Recently this actress opened up about her weight loss as well as her situation of mind when she adapted for the character of Room. She said that she has done method acting. She went for almost 12 months in the preparation of this character. She even told her family as well as friends that she may behave differently and awkwardly because she is preparing for the role. She was not even ready to enter in the direct rays of the sun because her character was always in dark.

About the Movie Room

The Oscar-winning film Room is about a mother and a child. The mother or Ma and her five-year-old child Jack used to live in a room where there is no light. The mother was captivated by the father and was a victim of domestic abuse for the past seven years. One day they tried to escape from the room and did so. The rest of the story is about how the mother and the son manage themselves in the outer environment.

For this role, Brie Larson was under the look or the examination of her nutritionist and dietitian. For this role, she has lost some fat, around 12 percent of the fat from her body. She went on a proper diet for it. She even went to rewire her mind for this character. Since she was doing method acting then it was so obvious for her to lose some of her own and behavior and that is the reason why she warned her close ones about it. With this much effort and dedication, she has kept herself in that character and this is the reason why she deserves an Oscar.

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