Amelia Revealed She Has Lost Herself Amid Breakup With Scott Disick

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Amelia Updates: Breakup then makeup and then again breakup… It is something that always rolls in a cycle. From Hollywood to any other film industry, we have seen our stars who were having some tough times related to their love life. They have seen many ups and downs in their personal, professional life, as well as in love too.

We have also seen that these celebrities have moved on and talked so openly about it. One such is our Amelia Hamlin who recently hinted at her status after her breakup with Scott.

Amelia Hamlin was in news related to her breakup with Scott Disick. Scott who has got divorced from her ex-wife Kourtney Kardashian was seen with Amelia for a long time but after a year the couple broke up. In December 2020, Amelia took her Instagram and posted some pictures and a video that summed up her journey of 2021.

She has uploaded 8 pictures and a short video. She called this going year a dream come true year. Recently, we have seen Amelia in a new look. She decided to dye her eyebrow totally blonde. She mentioned the caption that the year was something in which she has lost herself. Well, she has not hinted directly toward her breakup with Scott but one can guess it. In most of that picture, she was seen with bleached eyebrows.

What Amelia Shared Scott Disick After Breakup?

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Amelia has uploaded 9 feeds, eight photos, and a video. Her photos and video go like this: In the first picture we can see her wearing a white top and open hair, it was a selfie in the bathroom. The second picture was about her process of doing her eyebrow blonde. In the third picture, she has uploaded a funky photo in which she gave a crazy expression and again flaunts her blonde eyebrow.

In the fourth picture, it was Amelia herself, the fifth picture was having some delicious cookies, In the sixth picture she was showing us the scene of New York City, the seventh picture was a cap selfie, and the eighth one was a short video in which she was running. At last, she has uploaded a selfie in the yellow spectacle.

Many fans were in wonder that Amelia has not uploaded a single picture of Scott in her 2021 summary. The couple has started dating in October 2020 but they ended it in September 2021. It ended because of the viral scenario that was leaked. It was the screenshot of a chat between Scott and Younes Bendjma who has once dated Kourtney Kardashian.

In that screenshot, it was clear that Scott was mocking the PDA of Kourtney. These things lead to their break up. Recently Amelia’s mother opened about it in a reality show where she said that it was not just one reason that lead to their breakup.

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