One Piece Chapter 1036 Luffy and Kaido’s Battle Begins

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One Piece Chapter 1036 Updates: With the release of manage series one piece chapter 1036, last week, spoilers have been released too, with this, unfortunately, true fans of the highly anticipated series will have to wait for the chapter more.

As usual, fans were releasing their own speculations yet spoiler about the show, including ridiculous plotlines whereas some of them were interesting too. The popular spoilers have been curated that, One-piece chapter 1036 will be debut as new gear for Luffy, which was presumed to be defeated by Kairo so far.

The fans even posted a video of the upcoming chapter, which claims Luffy will borrow as new gear, in order to defeat the enemy, Kairo. As we going to claim these spoilers, but before that have look at how these posts by fans, seems to be more ridiculous so fat.

Well, all of Luffy’s practice or the training had been done on Rusukaina in the initial time span. The development with Rayleigh on Rusukaina, Bounce man used against Doflamingo and snake-man which used against katakuri. while, during the Dressrossa or four Emperors saga, Luffy had managed to spare some time for fighting Kairo is whereas, ludicrous.

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However, Luffy had no one to train this new form, or even no one to be testing it on. If the straw hat crew had been given time in between, Dressrosa, Whole cake island, and went to train. As, the story is being messed up and though, cluelessly laughable at times.

The video, which was fan-made, also claims that Sanji and Zoro to be reuniting for the first time, this all couldn’t be seen at the end of chapter 1035 so far, though, Sanji could be invisible to the naked eye or claimed to be exhausted from fighting the queen.

As fans are waiting for one piece chapter 1036, and posting spoilers continuously, can be dug out spontaneously. unfortunately, the spoilers are going to continue until the release of one piece chapter 1036.

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