Outer Banks Season 3 Confirmed by Netflix – and Plot

Outer Banks Season 3 has been confirmed by Netflix and we have discussed its premiere date, cast updates, and other info. Season 2 of the show has established the show among the fans of treasure hunt lovers across the globe and now it’s coming soon to rule the hearts of fans again on Netflix.

Netflix has renewed Outer Banks Season 3

Show’s executive producers Jonas and Josh Pate will be back for season 3. Netflix has confirmed that Season 3 of Outer Banks used the tweet by one of the lead cast on Twitter. Here you can watch the message from the cast:

When can we get season 3 of the show?

Although Netflix has confirmed the news that they are in the pre-production stage of season 3, Netflix has not confirmed any release date yet. But as per the schedules of Netflix, we can get the upcoming season in the summer of 2022, as all the previous seasons of the show had been released in April and June of 2020 and 2021 respectively.

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Who will return in Season 3?

Outer Banks Season 3 will have some executive producers and writers, though the directors may be changed. The cast who will return are as follows:

Madelyn Cline will reprise in the role of Sarah
Chase Stokes will reprise in the role of John B
Rudy Pankow will be back as JJ
Madison Bailey will reprise in the role of Kiara
Jonathan Daviss will be back as Pope
Austin North will be back as Topper
Drew Starkey will be back in the role of Rafe

What can be the plot of Season 3?

Season 2 was ended with a major cliffhanger as the Camerons and Pogues are still in the war and Pope is still in the search of gold and we think he will continue the search of a connection between his family and Cross of Santo Domingo.

The fake death of Ward Cameron has been certified in Season 2 and he is now out of the radar, so it would be interesting to watch how will be get caught?

John B and his father’s relationship may be explored further in the upcoming season. the executive producer Josh Pate has also confirmed this plot in an interview with EW.

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