After Life Season 3 Cast Update and Other Info

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After Life Season 3 is the much-awaited season after the ending of its Season 2 with a major cliffhanger. The Netflix audience is really in an excited state of mind after season 2’s last episode.

The start of Ricky Gervasi has also given a major update about the upcoming season. Rocky has shared a teaser of After Life Season 3. There is a lot more to add to one of Netflix’s best comedy-drama series. But first, watch the teaser below.

Ricky has also tweeted on the occasion of Season 2 completion on Netflix, and had thanked every fan of the show for making it the most-watched British comedy show in the world, and has said that the best of series is yet to come out in Season 3.

What may happen in After Life Season 3?

In the Season 2 of the show, Tony still experiencing a dark day like season 1. and he is facing every problem with the help of his collegue Lenny and at the end of the series, we have seen Tony’s father’s death. He is dealing with his father’s and wife’s death too in a humorous manner and his relationship with Emma is still in quesionable position.

After Life Season 3 will deal with Tony’s same problems of everyday life and he will be facing new consequences due to the choices he made in season 2.

Gravis had said in one interview “We’ve all got problems, and they reoccur, or we suppress them, or we get over something, and another one pops up.” he continued “So I want it to be: ‘Here’s a little victory. He might be OK. There might be a third series. But if not, don’t worry about it.’ So that’s why.”

So Season 3 will be full of emotion and comedy once again and even Gravis does not know what will happen next in the show.

When Can We Get Release Date of  Season 3?

Season 3 of the show is yet to be announced but the shooting of the upcoming season is over in 2021 only post-production work remains. So we can expect the release date announcement of After Life Season 3 very soon. We will update you about every detail regarding its release date and Trailer announcement on our website. Please Keep visiting Us!

The Returning Cast of the show

The Cast and Characters who will return in season 3 of the show are as follows:

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