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Reflection Of You Episode 15 Release Date, Spoilers, and What we know so far

Reflection Of You Episode 15

Reflection Of You Episode 15 Updates: Episode 1 of Reflection of You begins with a woman named HeeJoo (HuiJu according to Netflix subtitles) pondering the hell she went through.

Blood splatters on a family portrait and soaks the floor as HeeJoo cries. See, threw a box and watched it sink, we went to an art gallery with numerous paintings from the past. HeeJo is a successful artist who has appeared on the covers of numerous monthly magazines. He’s even published books.

In the middle of her latest sketch, LiSa calls and asks her to report to the hospital. The girl has an unpleasant cut on the cheek, and she was intimidated at school.

He is in the hospital to visit a mysterious man who has passed out. When the camera scrolls down, their nameplate says “John Doe” so they don’t seem to know who he is. HyunSung? Back in Korea, HeeJoo discovers who this substitute teacher is who defeated LiSa.

It turns out his name is Gu HaeWon and he is clearly in raw form. With her head hanging, she greets HeeJoo and casually apologizes for her actions. What he did was punishment for what LiSa originally did and justified his actions.

HeeJoo is not happy and finally hits the teacher with a book and sees her falling to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

LiSa’s room is locked and little HoSu has a date with HyunSang, HeeJoo is left alone with her thoughts, when she looks out the window, she sees HaeWon from afar.

Reflection Of You Episode 15 Spoilers and Twists

Reflection Of You  Episode 15

There is a knock on the door, our protagonist is shocked, drops her cup on the floor, and breaks the dishes.

HaeWon stares at her and finally knocks on the door, falls on his knees, and apologizes.

she recognizes HeeJoo from the past and lets our artist drag her into the house to confront her properly.

In fact, HaeWon drops the charges entirely and wonders why, after all these years, she’s now a painter.

It turns out that HaeWon’s original name was Hannah, which was her German code name.

Despite being so excited in the past, she has lost her passion for the arts and is now struggling to make ends meet.

For this reason, Saewon continues to be patient and apologizes for his rage.

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