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Otome Visual Novel: Olympia Soiree Updates Western Opening Video

Olympia Soiree

Axis Games Olympia Soiree, Dairoku: Developer Idea Factory on Ayakashimori and Nintendo Switch has released new gameplay trailers for the variable Barricade. The publisher released new Gamble trailers and filled the release windows with fans for each topic.

Olympia Soiree tells the story of Olympia, who wants to perform a ritual to return light to a dark world. The system revolves around a strict class system that leads to the search for a partner to integrate the land. The game is scheduled for release in Switzerland in 2021.

Dairoku: Ayakashimori is unnatural oatmeal where Shino can sense ghosts, which gives her a job at a government agency looking for yoga. However, this can lead to being closer to them than she could have imagined. The game is scheduled for release in Switzerland in 2021.

Olympia Soiree Updates Western Opening Video

Olympia Soiree

The variable barricade tells the story of Hibari, whose wealthy grandfather is determined to find her a husband against her will. The story follows how she stops this matchmaking as she finds her path to love.

Here you have it. We will continue to inform you about future releases of Olympia Soirée, Dairoku: Ayakashimori, and Variable Barricade.

Axis Games has shared an updated opening video for Olympia Soiree. Idea Factory’s Automate brand’s Automotive Visual Novel is one of their upcoming localized titles with Tyro: Ayakashimori and Variable Perigate. The company also shares that the game is scheduled for release in September.

This video is not new because the company previously shared the launch of the Japanese version during the announcement. However, this has some notable changes. I.e. official Western logo and English credits.

Olympia Soirée tells the story of a woman whose clan is completely extinct and isolated. However, she is obliged to go to Dengue Island and choose a partner to continue her legacy and save the world.

The game is directed by Vadaru Vadanabe, with Sato’s charts and the story of Yuma Katagiri. The trio has previously worked together on Nil Admirari no Tenbin.

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