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Being the Ricardos: Character Posters Revealed Nicole Kidman oozes old Hollywood glamour as Lucille Ball

Being the Ricardos
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Being the Ricardos Updates: She is playing Lucille Ball, one of the most iconic actresses of all time, and she has a lot of shoes to fill. Nicole Kidman, at the very least, nails the look.

The 54-year-old Australian actress, who was born in the United States, resembled the famed I Love Lucy to star in one of the character posters for Amazon Studios’ Being The Ricardos, which was revealed on Thursday.

Nicole wore her distinctive red hair in old Hollywood curls and a splash of vivid ruby red lipstick to contrast her pristine skin.

Seven of her castmates, including Javier Bardem, Tony Hale, Alia Shawkat, Jake Lacy, J.K. Simmons, Clark Gregg, and Nina Arianda, were also included in the freshly published photographs.

Bardem plays Desi Arnaz, Lucille’s husband on the classic 1950s comedy I Love Lucy as well as in real life.

The film follows Lucy and Desi as they deal with a crisis that threatens to damage their professions as well as their marriage.

Bardem, 52, stares off into the distance while wearing his distinctive basket-weave hat, flawlessly channeling the Cuban-American actor.

Hale, 51, wore thick-framed plastic eyeglasses and carried a leather notepad to play Jessurun James ‘Jess’ Oppenheimer, the main writer of I Love Lucy.

Shawkat, 32, his Arrested Development co-star, posed with a notebook and a smear of bright red lipstick as Madelyn Pugh, a writer on the series.

Lacy, 36, sat pensively with a pencil beneath his bottom lip, looking off into the distance while Bob Carroll Jr., who co-wrote the piece with Pugh and Oppenheimer.

Simmons, 66, wore a brown fedora while portraying actor William Frawley, well known for his role as landlord Fred Mertz.

Gregg, 59, plays Howard Wenke and wears spectacles and a grey bowtie while staring out to the side.

Finally, Arianda, 37, represented Vivian Vance, who was memorably featured as Fred’s wife and Lucy’s sidekick Ethel Mertz on I Love Lucy, and wore vintage styles including curly hair, ruby red lipstick, and enormous plastic spherical earrings.

Being the Ricardos Poster Revealed

Being the Ricardos

Being The Ricardos earned wonderful reviews following its initial showing for reviewers on Saturday night, so the unveiling of the eight character posters comes at a good moment.

Kidman was in attendance for the screening and panel discussion on Sunday night along with the film’s writer and director Aaron Sorkin and her co-star Bardem.

At the screening, the Oscar-winning actress revealed she had ‘massive trepidation’ about playing the comedy legend.

Critics who saw the film, on the other hand, seemed to be blown away by Kidman’s performance, which is already generating Oscar hype.

‘Lucy, you’ve got some campaigning to do: BEING THE RICARDOS performed well in its initial showing, suggesting a solid awards candidate,’ New York Times writer Kyle Buchanan tweeted.

‘I saw Nicole as an off-screen, serious Lucy rather than a comic powerhouse, but the audience devoured her and Javier Bardem.’

‘Last night’s first large screening of #BeingTheRicardos undoubtedly silenced the naysayers,’ commented Turner Classic Movies presenter Dave Karger.

Nicole Kidman’s fifth Oscar nomination appears to be a foregone conclusion. It was incredible to speak with her and the wonderful Javier Bardem (also a strong contender) in front of such an awestruck crowd.’

Perri Nemiroff of Collider noted that she had an emotional reaction to the movie.

She wrote, “#BeingTheRicardos just put me in a pool of tears.” ‘What a lovely and emotional behind-the-scenes look at the difficulties and complications of creating that show – the highs, lows, and everything in between.’ Nicole Kidman is AMAZING.’

‘Alia Shawkat, JK Simmons, and Nina Arianda are exceptionally great scene stealers,’ Nemiroff continued. I’m afraid I’m a little overwhelmed by the range of feelings I’ve just experienced. ‘It much surpassed my expectations.’

In his review of the movie, Variety film critic Clayton Davis heaped praise on the performances as well as Sorkin’s writing and directing.

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