Angelina Jolie Shares Memories of her Son Maddox fighting for change in his home country, Cambodia

Angelina Jolie Updates: As we all know Angelina Jolie rarely posts photos of her kids, but she shared a throwback of her son, Maddox, to help fight for change in Cambodia, his home country.

Angelina Jolie shares her memories of her son Maddox fighting for change in his home country, Cambodia

Angelina Jolie is a very famous actress who has been helping world issues for over a decade or so. A recent venture of hers is to help promote change in Cambodia. Cambodia is the hometown of her 20-year-old adopted son Maddox. To help fight for change.

What Angelina Jolie Says About Son Maddox?

Angelina has said in the title of the slide: “We have carried out biodiversity that surveys with Fauna and Flora International to map the flora and fauna still in the forests of Cambodia’s Samlout region as a baseline for future protection and protection. , Because we don’t yet know how many endangered wild animals still exist. This is just one example of the devastating effects of global deforestation — and why the world leaders must keep their promises.”

She posted a picture of herself wearing a low-cut, black spaghetti strap tank top while holding an infant Maddox, as they both looked off into the distance.

On one of the photos from the slide show, Jolie wrote: “In 2003, shortly after I met my son Maddox, I set up a foundation in the Samlout district of Cambodia. It is operated entirely locally and we have been committed to forest protection and the preservation of biological diversity for almost twenty years. ”

Angelina Jolie has continued: “Since then, we have seen tens of thousands of hectares of virgin forest disappear due to the illegal logging, land encroachment, and poaching because Cambodia is one of the countries with the fastest forest loss rate in the world.”

The beautiful photo of Maddox that Angelina Jolie posted when he was a young child and now he is a mature adult.

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