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Teresa Giudice Shared How Ex-Husband Joe Feels About Her Fiance Luis Ruelas

Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice Updates: Like all couples have their ups and downs in their relationship so did the duo American TV Personality Teresa Giudice(49) and ex-husband Joe Giudice(49) had whilst they were in a relationship.

Speaking to the Kelly Clarkson Show in terms of her ex-husband per PEOPLE the Real Housewives of New Jersey star said, “It appears that Joe Giudice is all for her new engagement to Luis Ruelas(46) they like each other.

We went to the Bahamas and we went to go see Joe and Louie DM’ed Joe behind my back. I didn’t even know. He’s like, ‘We’re coming out there. I would like for us to all have dinner.”

The TV Personality continued to explain her emotions and stated, “We went out to the Bahamas because Joe is living six months in the Bahamas and six months in Italy; so we had dinner with him and it went really well. Joe thinks Louie’s a great guy.”

Teresa Giudice started to date around the year of 2020 in the month of November and the couple then let things become serious when in the month of October they moved together into a stretched-out mansion in New Jersey.
The couple came public after Teresa finalized her separation from her ex-husband, Joe, after having a marriage for 20 years.

Teresa Giudice and Fiance Luis Ruelas

Teresa Giudice
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The couple, who cordially got separated in 2019, share daughters together namely Gia, who is 20 years of age; Gabriella 17years, daughter Milania 15 years, and Audriana who is 12 years.

The separation came in the midst of Teresa’s husband Joe’s expulsion to his native Italy following his time in prison for trickery.

Up to this point, Joe Giudice has been pretty sympathetic of his ex-wife’s choice in Luis, vocalizing in October that although he thought the pair moved in quickly in regards to their brewing romance yet he was glad that his ex-wife had finally found her true love in her new lover.  A source limitedly disclosed to HollywoodLife that on the 22nd of October that the American TV Personality was glad that Luis proposed to her around her mom’s birthday.

Teresa’s late mother Antonia would have celebrated her birthday on the 20th of October 20 but she passed away.
The source continued and said, “Teresa thinks Luis is enormously sweet, reflective, magnanimous, affectionate, and she can’t wait to spend forever with him.”