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Dwayne Johnson Declare That He Wants To Work In Bollywood If Met Any Opportunity.

Dwayne Johnson
The Times Of India

Dwayne Johnson Updates: American actor also known by the name of The Rock, Dwayne Johnson aforementioned that until now he hasn’t received any proposals for any movie in the Bollywood industry.

Dwayne Johnson spoke his mind out while he was answering some questions at a press conference by the Hindustan Times for the film Red Notice.

The film, “The Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” has quite a huge fanbase here in India, and actor Varun Dhawan is one of the substances known fans of this film.

Actor Dwayne Johnson has also featured in the film Baywatch with the actress Priyanka Chopra which was also, by the way, Priyanka’s first film in Hollywood.

Talking in terms of Bollywood the actor said that he wasn’t offered any film/series role in Bollywood but he would surely love doing one if he gets it.

Dwayne Johnson Plan To Appear  In Bollywood.

Dwayne Johnson
The Times Of World

He said, “I would like, we talked about this the other day when there’s like two big cultures in terms of entertainment, it’s coming out of Bollywood and Hollywood. There should be more crossover.

So I think that would be really cool. Absolutely. And I’m well aware.”

Furthermore, Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds had conveyed his wish to see the Marvel superhero film Deadpool get a Bollywood restoration.

At the conference held by the Hindustan Times for the film, Red Notice which was also attended by Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson Ryan Reynolds said, “Free Guy would be a very good one to adapt for Bollywood. (But) I’d say Deadpool though would be a little bit more fun. I think it’d be easier for Deadpool to embrace the Bollywood culture.

The guy in Free Guy is a non-playable character, he exists only in the digital world. But Deadpool’s real flesh and blood so that I think it’d be Deadpool!”

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