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Will Smith Revealed Why His Marriage With Jada Pinkett Smith Almost Ended

Will Smith

Will Smith Updates: Will Smith’s marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith has always fascinated his fans, and especially the latter years as the two have become more open about the details of their relationship.

In his self-titled memoir, the 53-year-old actor gets refreshed and honest about their marriage, from the beginning of the sexual encounter to the tumultuous roadblocks that almost end their association.

In an in-depth personal book, he shares how he and Jada met in their 20s and how the Men in Black actor became a couple after splitting from his first wife, Sherry Zambino. The two initially met on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, when Jadaleft followed a failure in a producer’s office. But it was not until much later that the two had the opportunity to reunite.

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My divorce with Sherry is not over yet, so Jada and I decided it would be prudent to keep our relationship a secret. (We were both very popular and we felt it would not have been a great look.), He reveals in the book. The blessed and unexpected result was that we spent every moment together. The first three or four months were a love hurricane that our bodies could handle.

We fit in very naturally, and our energies get exponentially together and feel like old friends rather than new lovers, Will adds. We had unspoken language and everything we focused on thriving.

Everything Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have said about their unusual marriage.

Will Smith

As the two became Siriusaki, starting their family and getting married, their divergent views led to abusive relationships and fights, which threatened their marriage. First, their differing views on taking it to the next level: Jada wanted a traditional marriage before Will gave birth to their son Jadana, but the expectant mother was not interested in the idea.

Jada hated the regular The. She also had questions about the credibility of monogamy as a framework for successful long-term relationships, Will writes. Jada wanted to see my eyes, dedicate her immortal love to God and then engage in the hard work of building a life together.

The After Earth actor explains that Jada’s mother, Kami, also wants to hold a traditional ceremony for her daughter and has done everything she can to get her daughter to do so.

Jada kept his position as long as he could, but soon, the ‘marital pressure’ increased. She was in her second trimester, she was tired and embarrassed, she didn’t want to argue, Will reveals. She could not bear the thought of breaking her mother’s heart, and deep inside – though I did not say – she knew I wanted marriage too. So he agreed to hold a traditional ceremony in Baltimore on New Year’s Day … to this day Jada refers to our ceremony as ‘Kami’s wedding’.

But Will mentions that it was Jada’s first compromise after boarding the train, which painfully denied his own values.

From the jealousy of seeing the relationship between Jada and the late rapper Dubuque Shakur to the very different priorities in life, Jada’s fierce opposition to Will’s purchase of a huge estate and a lavish birthday celebration has worsened, with the couple unable to communicate with each other. Otherwise love spoiled the marriage.