Paul Rudd Explains What Happened When He Saw Chirs Hemsworth on Avengers: Endgame set

Paul Rudd Updates: The just crowned sexiest man on the planet — was once terrified by fellow Marvel star Chris Hemsworth. Rudd recently told People magazine that he spent a lot of time training for the 2019 film “Avengers: Endgame,” in order to prepare his body for the climax superhero picture in which the Avengers attempt to destroy Thanos.

However, he claimed that on set, he observed Hemsworth’s toned and jacked body, which made him doubt all of his hard work.

“I remember working out so hard, eating properly, for so long, training like an athlete on the set of ‘Endgame,'” Rudd told People magazine. “I was standing next to Chris Hemsworth, thinking, ‘What’s the point?'” Why bother trying when there’s that.”

According to Insider, Hemsworth’s character Thor becomes overweight in “Avengers: Endgame” as he copes with the death of his family, friends, and loved ones at Thanos’ hands.

What Paul Rudd Shared About Chirs Hemsworth?

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Many critics found the storyline of Thor’s physique to be troubling. Thor’s weight is frequently mocked by the Avengers throughout the film. It’s a running gag throughout the movie. The fact that Thor was fat-shamed infuriated critics.

According to The Guardian, “the jokes made against obese people were sloppy stereotypes and cheap laughs that really weren’t necessary, and while you might sit there and think they’re amusing punchlines, others around you are sitting there feeling like they’ve been hit in the belly.”

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