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Jessica Simpson Released Her Album ‘Particles’ In New Music Video In 13 Years

Jessica Simpson
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Jessica Simpson Updates: After more than a decade since Jessica Simpson last released an album, she returned to music in a big way! The singer just released a cover of the song “Particles,” which she says “healed me with a broken Piece”.

Is the world ready for the return of Jessica Simpson? Jessica, 41, has released a handful of songs in connection with her 2020 memoir.  The fashion designer and early 2000s pop star really got fans buzzing over a possible return on Thursday.  Jessica released her own version of “Particles‘ ‘ by Nothing but Thieves, reminding listeners that she has a voice Jessica’s song was a guitar-driven song of modern alt-rock until it became a haunting piano ballad.

In the accompanying video, Jessica sat in a room filled with lit candles.  She unloads her emotions into a microphone in front of her, to deliver a powerful performance that had fans reeling.

Jessica Simpson celebrated the release of her new song on social media.

“The idea of ​​music therapy is an honest truth to me,” she captioned a still shot from the video posted to her Instagram account.  “This song saved a broken piece of me.” This new song was greeted with joy from her fans.

I can’t believe people said that Jessica lost her talent… She is proving them all wrong!!! Welcome back Jess, wrote one of the commenters.  This is a weapon that will kill any living thing.  I’m so glad she’s singing again, added another.  “Never stop singing,” wrote one on Instagram.

Jessica Simpson
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Commercially, Jessica’s last major release was Happy Christmas 2010.  She put out the album Do You Know on Epic/Columbia Nashville, marking her first major crossover into country music. Jessica released six songs as part of her 2020 memoir, Open Book “Music is really all that inspired me to be sober and write the book,” she told Entertainment networks.

“Because when I walked into the studio, I realized that even though I was in a comfortable house, I had to drink to numb the pain of writing that I was about to experience.” These songs include “heartbeat”, “free will”, ” A gathering of one person”, “practice what you preach”, “sweet temptation” and “your fool”.

This may explain why Jessica chose to report on “particles.” This song tells the story of “Nothing But Thieves” singer Conor Mason who became addicted to sleeping pills after insomnia and lack of sleep on the tour.  I wasn’t sleeping very well on the tour bus and I was worried because I had to sing.

So I went to a pharmacy and just got, you know, run-of-the-mill sleeping aid tablets. “I finished this tour for a week, and I thought, ‘Oh, cool, this is great, and didn’t think too much.  And then I came home, and I found myself not sleeping, and my mind made me go, ‘This must be because you’ve just used this tablet and you’re not used to,’ and it just spiraled, and for a year it just got worse and worse.

And I was so addicted to taking photos. […] and we wrote a song called “Particles” that was in the middle of everything going downhill.”