Susan Sarandon Spotted AT the CMA Awards In A White Pantsuit

Susan Sarandon Updates: Susan Sarandon,75, made a grand entry on the award show of CMA at Red carpet. She was looking gorgeous as she was highlighted in a white pantsuit. The jacket portion of the suit, it was featuring capped sleeves. She paired the look with red heels along with a bold red purse.

She also put on beautiful pearl earrings and a necklace of pearl. She styled her hair in a loose wave and put on a coral color lipstick which was going perfect with her entire look…

She is very confident in representing herself and was one of the presenters during tonight’s CMAs.

She also won the Oscar and turned 75 this October, but age seems to be a number for her. She said the same to the You magazine, “I have a complete disconnect with my age. I’m not old. I don’t feel 75. It’s crazy,” and also added that “Honestly, I’m happy I made it to 75 because I know there are a lot of people that have been less lucky.”

Susan Sarandon Looks Stunning in White Pantsuit


Maybe Thelma & Louise is from New York City, but the start is up for becoming the country icon with the coming debut of the new series Monarch. She is the first lady of country music. This is a famous musical drama that follows the Romans which is also a famous family in country music.

It is in the official summary of the show we get that done of the dangerous realities will pop up to the audience and the reign of the Romans as the country royalty was put in danger.

We know that Nicky Roman, the excellent and the only person at the legacy who is already battling the falsely tagged industry and the world with her, and she is unstoppable if her family legacy is at a threat.

But we know that Susan is going to play her role with all her perfection and rock the scene and is in.

The show will be debuted on 30th January on FOX agree on the NFC Championship.

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