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Sadie Sink: Things to Know About Stranger Things Star In Taylor Swift’s Short Film

Sadie Sink
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Sadie Sink Updates: We all know Max Mayfield from Stranger Things and her acting too. The character of Max Mayfield is played by Sadie Sink who is a teenage actress. And guess what she is going to be in the short film of Taylor Swift which recently Taylor announced by releasing its 30seconds teaser yesterday.

It will be starring Sadie Sink and Dylan O’ Brien and also it will include maybe narration of Taylor Swift herself. She has been offered this role because in an interview she reveals that she is also a big fan of Taylor Swift and called herself a Swiftie.

The upcoming short film will be about the relationship between Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift because they two were dating each other for some time but they broke up because of their age differences because Jake Gyllenhaal was 9years older than Taylor Swift. Because the actor and actress who are cast also have same age difference.

All About Sadie Sink

Sadie Sink

Actress Sadie Sink isn’t cast because she is Swiftie but also she is a good and versatile actress who loves to play the character she has been cast. We can see her previous roles like in Stranger Things her role as Max Mayfield and in Chuck, The Glass, and The Fearstreet Trilogy.

She is a good actress because she learned acting at Disney School Musical. Currently, she is on a big break from the theatres and she is rising up on the silver screen and she is doing very well here too and people and fans are appreciating her.

She was recently in an interview with Vogue and she told: “Acting has always been a passion of mine,”. “It was totally my decision to enter this business. One thing I love about all the kids on Stranger Things is that we are all self-driven actors. We all entered this business independently with the support of our families and were able to find success in this industry because of our passion and drive.”

She also said that she is completely a vegan because she cares for animals too much. She said that she does not use her social media regularly although she has lots of followers if she does use her social media regularly she will rise an initiative towards animals and trees.