Gigi Hadid Says Khai Needs Her Dad Zayn Malik Amidst Family Feud

Gigi Hadid Updates: Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are again at odds after the drama surrounding an encounter with Gigi’s mother, Yolanda Hadid, which ended in Zayn pleading “no contest” to four charges of assault.

Gigi, 26, is not shutting Zayn, 28, off from their daughter, Khai, albeit at this difficult juncture in their very rocky relationship. “Gigi knows Zayn is a good father to Khai, and she would never strip him of his rights as a father,” a person close to the matter says. “Gigi has an incredibly close bond with her own father and could never imagine taking that away from the daughter they share,” the source adds.

The source says that Gigi hopes of having a good bond just for their baby’s growth. She wants Khai to be in a secure and safe environment.  According to a spokesman for Zayn, he is still at home, working and making songs, while he and Gigi continue working with a mediator to identify new co-parenting plans as they are officially not together.

The couple split after charges that Zayn “shoved” Yolanda during a violent dispute at his Pennsylvania home on September 29. When Gigi was in Paris, Yolanda visited the erstwhile One Direction singer and her grandchild.

As per documents acquired, Zayn told Yolanda “stay away from my f-king daughter,” and reportedly threw her into a dresser, causing emotional agony and physical pain. Zayn put out a statement in which he “adamantly denied striking Yolanda Hadid” and expressed his wish that “Yolanda will reconsider he false allegations and move towards healing these family issues in private.”

What Gigi Hadid Shared About Zayn Malik?

Zayn eventually pled no contest to multiple charges of misconduct: two including Yolanda, one having him bothering Gigi over the phone, and another including a family security officer. As per court filings, Zayn sought to “physically engage [the guard] in a fight.” He is not on probation for 90 days for each count (360 days total.)

However, if he takes and fulfills an anger management session and a domestic violence class, the probation is terminable after six months. Zayn is also not allowed to communicate with Yolanda or the security officer.

Los Angeles family attorney Kelly Chang Rickert says that the “no contest” plea of Zayn will almost certainly not impact his guardianship of Khai.

Domestic violence is regarded very severely in family court, but the mother [Yolanda] of the mother [Gigi] claimed it, and not the mother [of the baby] herself. She also claims that it is improbable to have an impact, as the grandmother does not live with them or the baby.

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