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Scott Disick And His Son Mason Enjoying On A Beach.

Scott Disick
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Scott Disick Updates: Recently Kourtney Kardashian got engaged with Travis Barker and she is enjoying her post-engagement life with him.

But her ex-partner Scott Disick is healing himself from the news he got. He was recently spotted near a beach but with his son Mason(11).

Recently in news, he was grieving and demanded some time to move on from the news of her ex-partner Kourtney’s Engagement.

Although this isn’t a thing that he isn’t dating someone, he was dating Sofia Richie and Amelia Hamlin. And his recent dating got ruined after the whole Kourtney chats leak and after which he went through some mental pressure.

Scott Disick is an entrepreneur he got less time to spend with his close one so now he only got his son who is closest to him when he got separated from his partner.

So they were recently spotted on the beach together and we can clearly see father-son bonding among them.

Scott Disick And His Son Mason Driving Speed Boat

Scott Disick
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They both were in amazing outfits sporting a floral-printed, short-sleeved grey button-down shirt and blue shorts, completing his look with black-and-yellow Nikes and dark sunglasses.

Mason walked next to his dad in a white t-shirt with a multi-colored anime design on the front, also wearing red shorts, and beige Yeezy slides.

“He feels like he deserved some sort of warning that this was coming, but he really didn’t,” the source added about Scott’s reaction to the news.

“This is what Kourtney has wanted her whole life and it is what Scott refused to give her. Now he has to deal with the consequences of his actions, or lack thereof, forever.” He said on his Instagram.

Although his fans wanted him to break his silence among media he decided to start with his Instagram which is an encouraging move from his side. He said these things when he posted a story when he was hanging with his younger son Reign(6).

Our man has got a chance to discover his true self and he is definitely trying hard and he will for sure when people around him support him. It is not a good time for him but still, he went with his son to let him enjoy it.