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Jake Paul Mocks Gigi Hadid for Calling Zayn Malik Respectful

Jake Paul
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Jake Paul Updates: Just when we thought the Yolanda Hadid and Zayn Malik controversy was getting out of hand, YouTube star Jake Paul had to weigh in. As we previously reported, Zayn, 28, is facing allegations that he “hit” Gigi Hadid’s 57-year-old mother during a despite.

While the dispute continues to make headlines, Jake, 24, used the chance to go after Gigi, 26, by resurfacing a tweet she sent on February 23, 2020. Gigi supported Zayn against Jake in an old message, even calling the former One Direction bandmate “a respectful king.” And, considering the recent turmoil, Jake had no qualms about demonstrating how much had changed.

In the midst of an online back-and-forth between the two, Gigi’s tweet from last year appeared to be a response to Jake. “Lol coz he doesn’t care to get out with you and your embarrassing crew of YouTube groupies…?” she said at the time. Because he has me, honey, he’s at home alone with his best pals, acting like a respectable king. I’m unconcerned with your obnoxious a**. “Go to sleep…”

Jake revived the model’s tweet on Oct. 29 after all the dramatic news about Gigi and Zayn broke, and posted a caustic note of his own. The social media celebrity remarked, “Your ‘respectful King’ punched your mum in the face.” Jake’s new tweet went viral quickly, garnering hundreds of likes and retweets, as you can see below.

What does Jake Paul say About Gigi Hadid?

Jake Paul
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Zayn, who has a daughter with Gigi named Kai, has denied ever assaulting Yolanda. The “Pillow talk” singer, though, was charged with harassment, according to Hollywood Life. It came after an incident on September 29 at Zayn’s Pennsylvania home, in which he allegedly called Yolanda a “f***ing Dutch slut” and told her to “keep away from [my] f***ing daughter.” He allegedly “pushed” the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum and raged at Gigi over the phone while she was in Paris. Zayn was also accused of attempting to assault a security guard who was present throughout the altercation.

The British musician is said to be on 90-day probation for each of the four counts of harassment, for a total of 360 days. He must also undergo a domestic violence program and an anger management class. Zayn is unable to communicate with Yolanda or the security guard.

According to rumors, Gigi and Zayn have broken up as a result of the fight. “Right now, they’re not together,” a source told People. “However, they are both good parents. They share parental responsibilities. Of course, Yolanda is very protective of Gigi. “She only wants the best for her granddaughter and daughter.”

The on-again, off-again romance between Gigi and Zayn began in 2015. The couple is expecting their first child in September 2020. In the previous year, everything looked to be going well for the pair, notably when they celebrated Khai’s first birthday in September 2021.

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