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Who is Josh Bryant? And What We Know About Him

Josh Bryant
Image. Source Us Weekly

Josh Bryant Updates: We get a closer look at the country music guitarist who will soon walk down the aisle with our favorite Broadway queen, and we learn five interesting things about her fiance!

He has certain classic “southern boy” traits, which he loves to flaunt on his Instagram profile. He also frequently honors his grandfather, who served in the military, by posting heart-warming photos of his parents and grandparents on social media.

Josh began his career as a lead guitarist in 2012 when he and several pals created the Backroad Anthem band.

Even though Kristin is 53 and Josh is 39, the two have been in love since Kristin’s nephew booked the band for his 2018 wedding. Despite their age difference, the couple does not appear to be bothered by it, as they continue to profit from each other.

Josh Bryant and Kristin Chenoweth

Josh Bryant
Image. Source Page Six

“My guy is 14 years my junior. As a result, I’m pretty good at TikTok,” she quipped to PEOPLE in November 2020. “I had no idea what TikTok was, and I didn’t want to do TikTok.” With his support, I’ve grown to love TikTok.”

Although many couples were torn apart by the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, Kristin and Josh survived together, deepening their romance in the process. Kristin told PEOPLE in November 2020, “We managed to stay creative and still have a wonderful time,” adding that the duo enjoyed making TikToks together.

They also had a good time… doing other things… when the Tony winner answered Andy Cohen’s racy sex life questions on Watch What Happens Live in May 2020. She added at the time, “You know, a lady doesn’t speak on such things, but it’s been amazing.”

Although Josh prefers country music, the 38-year-old has accompanied his bride-to-be to countless Broadway performances, including The Lion King, Aladdin, Come from Away, and others. “To commemorate the reopening of Broadway, I took @joshbguitar to one of his very first shows!” Kristin said in the caption of one of her latest Instagram posts.

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