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Drake Dresses Like Cowboy on his birthday!!


Drake Updates: Heartly congratulations to our Canadian rapper Drake on his 35th birthday. Although we are late for his birthday he brought us Halloween much earlier than expected. He recently throw a party for his birthday in Goya Studios.

He always had surprised his fans with his new party or birthday theme this time he brought us Halloween. In the part, he dressed like CowBoy which suits perfectly his personality and he was looking handsome as always.

A lot of guests came on his birthday and he sent them clothes for the suitable theme to them by himself because some of them posted it and said thanks to him.

The theme was named Chico Amante which means “lover boy” from which we can say that he is just giving tribute to his recent album “Lover Boy”. Larsa’s costume was Scarface‘s Elvira Hancock and included a long sleeveless silky white dress and platinum blonde wig while Chris and Offset didn’t appear to be anyone or anything but their already impressive selves.

Chris’ outfit included a silky blue and white jacket over a light-colored sweater and jeans, while Offset wore his own tan silky short-sleeved top with multiple necklaces and black pants. These were his guests who were giving competition to Drake himself.

Drake Cowboy Look

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Other guests that showed up included Luka Sabbat, French Montana, Future, YG, NBA player Kawhi Leonard, and businessman James Goldstein, who, like Drake, also dressed up as a cowboy.

Drake and other partygoers also shared some pics and videos, including one of his pals singing “Happy Birthday” to him in the fun venue, which can be seen above, and he looked as happy as could be. Folks clapped, drinks were had, and fantastic music was played, proving it was a night to remember.

Rap sensation Drake is now busy promoting his new album Lover Boy and what could be best than his personal event to go public and he named his theme on his album’s name and it was quite a good move from him. He is a great rapper and we wish him great future ahead and he may achieve everything in his life.