Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek shared what their kids Opinion on Eternals!!!

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Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek Updates: Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek aren’t just the two most loved personalities but they also do inspire so many people with their hard work and good aspirations but besides these qualities, the two stars share something in common and that is that both these actresses are proud mothers.

Nischelle Turner from the ET spoke to Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek frontwards of the release of Eternals, their upcoming film. The women spoke about the movie but more so gushed over their bond as they worked together and they also shared their thoughts as to what their children thought about the film and the character they portray in it.

5th of November is the date for the release of the much-anticipated film-“Eternals.”

This is the recent film of the Marvel wherein Angelina Jolie plays the character of Thena and Salma Hayek gets portrayed as Ajak and both of them are beings of immortal who owns superhuman powers and have covertly lived on the planet, Earth for thousands of years before they must rejoin to take on the Deviants.

As per ET, Jolie and Hayek spoke and said that more than anything else they got bonded over motherhood and the point in their lives they both are presently at.

What did Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek share?

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Speaking to ET, Hayek said: “There’s the aspect of the mom that is good with the kids and the mom that understands then that motherhood is a cult. You know we have to help each other, we have to talk to each other.

And it’s very important to find those moms that say, Yeah, we are together; We can get this done. And then it was like a joy to work with, and we have some of the same interests, and then we met at a time in our lives where we just want two things: meaningfulness, like relationships and friendships that are meaningful and joyful. We just want joy.”

Earlier this week, Angelina Jolie’s kids Maddox(20), Zahara, (16), Shiloh(15), Knox(13), and Vivienne(13), were present at the premiere of the film,’ Eternal;’ also Valentina who is  Salma Hayek’s 14-year-old daughter, was also present at the premiere, and they all gave the impression as to share a similar opinion on their mom’s latest work.

According to the stars Jolie and Hayek, they claimed that this film has surely created a lot of meaningful relationships.

Angelina Jolie said:” built a lot of real relationships and that’s so important because the film that I am sure you will mention is so inclusive, it is so diverse; we are very, very different people coming together with different experiences and it was such a natural family and we learned so much from each other.”

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