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Judge allow video evidence in Josh Duggar case

Josh Duggar
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Josh Duggar Case Updates: Josh Duggar, reality show’s star, got arrested back in the month of April for making child pornography, is showing guilt to anyone who is somehow related.

But even a few times back, his legal team tried to manipulate the loopholes in the tactics used by the investigating team by which the team might win his freedom.

His confidence was so high on his legal team that he turned down the plea deal that was offered by the prosecution.

But now it seems he had made a mistake by turning down the plea offer as using a loophole is getting tougher every day and after the court’s order, he will be in prison for a very long time.

As reported already in the last month, on 27th September’s hearing, the judge in his case had denied four motions of five to dismiss the evidence.

The claims had been made that the evidence was not gathered properly or even not handled properly.

From the report of the People magazine, we get to know that Josh is going to suffer another legal setback as of now the outcome of the fifth motion is on hold.

Now the judge of this case has allowed the prosecution to present videographic evidence that the defense has made a petition to the judge to accept as not valid. 

What Josh Duggar Says About the Evidence?

Josh Duggar

Josh’s lawyer has argued that the investigators have completed the client’s civil right in order to gather evidence.

After which the judge thankfully decided to allow the evidence in court, which might come out to be quiet damaging to his case.

“[Duggar] has not shown that federal agents acted with reckless disregard for proper procedure. And he certainly has not shown that the agents acted in bad faith,” is stated in the Monday filing.

“Moreover, Mr. Duggar cannot show that he was prejudiced by any delay; the devices remained in law enforcement’s safekeeping throughout this time period, and the probable cause warranting the initial seizure of the devices remained viable through the date of the indictment.” 

Sadly he missed the deadline to accept the deal with his full knowledge, which was on Tuesday, and now he knows that all the five motions are denied to him. 

So, if now he does apply for a guilty plea it would be an “open plea,” and it surely doesn’t guarantee that his punishment will come down to be shorter.


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