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Tom Cruise Looks Puffy After Having New Face

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Updates: Academy Award winner actor Tom Cruise has never been afraid of showing his face although his face went viral recently in the wrong way. He was spotted in Los Angeles California on Wednesday on which fans started making theories that in his recent face operation he might have get filler because of his lousy look.

The actor is courageous and known for doing most of his stunts on his own. He has set an example of doing things by himself to enjoy life in a different and adventurous way. Although he was in hurry to ignore the cameras reporters got successful in getting some of his shots.

It was over the weekend when he was in San Francisco with his middle child, 26-year-old Connor Cruise, watching Game 2 of the MLB’s National League Division Series. The pictures there show us father-son bonding at best and he was also cheering for his son.

Wearing a blue baseball cap and matching sweater, the Top Gun star pulled out his water canister and took a hearty swig. After coming out of the aircraft he changes his cardigan to a leather jacket and drives his red bike. Tom got his airplane license in 1994 and he also had driven some airplanes and helicopters by himself too.

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery

Tom Cruise

It is not surprising that all from there is not a single reaction from him about all this because he is good at ignoring bad and hate comments about him.

Dr. Frank Agullo, aka Dr. Worldwide, told us, “Tom Cruise has always seemed to defy aging, but in this photo, it seems like he has gained facial weight or had too many fillers to the cheeks.”

“He has excess upper eyelid skin and wrinkles around the eyes, which would benefit from a blepharoplasty and skin tightening,” he added. “He is also showing jowls and loose neck skin, which would benefit from skin tightening or a lower facelift.”

“Shocked to see how much Tom Cruise has changed. He had managed to look so good for such a long time,” she told us. “Definitely seems like he has gained a lot of weight, or is a case of filler abuse