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Conor McGregor punches an Italian DJ. Click to know

Conor McGregor
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Conor McGregor Updates: I think Conor McGregor likes controversy or he is unable to handle his anger issues. Conor McGregor is a martial artist and he also has a past of being in beef with others. Recently he punched an Italian DJ named Francesco Facchinetti and broke his nose.

This incident occurred when Conor and Facchinetti were hanging in Rome while Conor was with his Fiance around 2:30 AM. And then DJ claims that he just got a punch from Conor on the face and he got 10witness also. He also claims that Conor is very violent also because of his previous activities.

He said “I took a punch for nothing. That punch could go to anyone. My friends, my wife, or other friends,” he said while showing his injuries in a video. “That’s why I decided to sue Conor McGregor because he is a violent and dangerous person.”

What Conor McGregor Shared?

Conor McGregor

This is such a harsh statement towards Conor. And there is no good news that he was going into a court affair because DJ is going to sue him he said in the video in which he was showing his injuries.

The DJ’s wife shared her own post, explaining the alleged attack came “out of nowhere,” and she couldn’t believe what she saw.” The first thing that came to mind was ‘are we kidding? Is it a show?’ Then I was paralyzed.”
She warned everybody to “stay away” from the MMA fighter before accusing him of being “unstable.”

Conor has no good history of having beef with other stars. Last month on the red carpet of the MTV Music Award he threw his drink on MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) and then two of them faced each other but stopped by going further by the security of the awards.

There is no official comment from Conor McGregor yet let’s see how he reacts.