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Kim Kardashian Reveals the Meanest Thing Her Daughter North Has Ever Said…

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Kim Kardashian Updates: No matter who you are, say the darndest things Kim Kardashian, 40, finally opened about the “meanest thing” her oldest daughter North And west, 8, has ever said to her in a clip from Bubble’s “Mom Confessions” that was released earlier this week.

Released on Tuesday, October 12. The Keeping Up with The Kardashians star’s daughter’s clap backs are mostly insults directed at her mother’s interior design choices!

Among the many questions about motherhood, one was about the meanest thing her children have ever said, and Kim responded with the hilarious go-to insult that North has when the two butt heads “Whenever I have an argument with my daughter North.”

She takes this as a jab at me and says, ‘Your house is so ugly.’ The entire room is white!  ‘Who lives in such a way?’ “She just thinks it gets to me, and it’s kind of mean because I like my house,” she explained.

Throughout the video, Kim discussed some of her other parenting decisions, including a warning to new parents that was more of comforting reassurance. “Everyone is just winging it. Just go with the flow! “You’ll figure it out,” she assured her.

What Kim Kardashian Shared?

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She also revealed her “biggest parenting fail,” which was allowing her children to have their way too easily “At times, I revert back to payoffs and give in too easily.” She admitted, “I’m a fan of good bribe.”

Kim’s other confessions included her children’s love of makeup and learning to play Roblox with her children. When asked about the worst lie she’s ever told her children, she revealed that she tries to always be truthful with them.

“I try very hard not to lie to my children “At first, I was doing it to receive them out of the residence or to go to a playdate, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t going to work for me, but I’d rather be honest with my kids,” she explained.

Aside from the sweet confessions, the KUWTK star did mention one quality her children possess that she does not share. “It creeps me out on a level every time my kids perform with insects or their fascination with spiders and spiders full of love,” she explained.

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