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YOU Season 3: Everything you want to know about its Release Date and Plot

YOU Season 3 is coming very soon to Netflix. The Series is definitely a binge-watch worthy series. The series is about a toxic guy who goes far for love and the series gets better with season 2 and hope gets better with season 3 as well. Yessssss season 3 of this creepy fascinating series is coming on 15 October 2021 only on NETFLIX.


YOU Season 3 will continue with the storyline of Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn’s (Victoria Pedretti) relationship and congratulations are in order as Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn are officially parents. On Friday, September 17, Netflix released the trailer for YOU’s third season, and it is evident from the trailer that we are on the craziest and wildest ride so far.

We will see Joe continue to repeat his past behaviours when he encounters his brand new obsession, Joe and Love’s neighbour, Natalie (played by Michael McManus), who we already met concisely at the end of the last season and that is obvious because if Joe would be capable of leaving his old habits behind there would not be a You Season 3.

From the trailer, we cannot comment much on Natalie’s character except for the fact that she is successful both professionally and socially. She also has a successful husband who is a CEO (the character played by Scott Speedman). Joe looks very keen to know more and more about her. Get ready to witness Joe and Love to the neighbourhood on 15th October 2021.

YOU Season 3 shooting

YOU Season 3 Plot

The second season of the creepy yet psychological thriller hits the screen on 26 December 2019, and while shooting for the season the pandemic comes into the picture and the shooting got suspended for two weeks and resumed in February 2021.

Cast members in the upcoming season A lot of new members are going to appear in the new season. The faces we know about are Scott Speedman plays the husband of Natalie we have already mentioned above. Tati Gabrielle joins the cast as Marianne and she will be playing the role of the librarian who lives in Joe and Love’s neighbourhood. Next, we have Dylan Arnold who will play Theo, a college student. His official character portrayal adds: “Theo is savvy and discerning, yet powerless and upset, with a penchant to get messed up in his friends and family’s concerns and to suffocate his own in controlled substances and perilous conduct.”

Shannon Cahn-Kent who plays KiKi and KiKi’s husband Brandon (played by Christopher Sean) Chris O’Shea plays Andrew she is a bit of a neighbourhood gossip kind of a lady and his husband Jackson, that will be played by Bryan Safi. We are still not done with the brand new cast Saffron Burrows who is a British actress and model will play Dottie Quinn, Love’s mother NCIS’s Shalita Grant will play Sherry who seems to be practical yet is really a mean young lady who just claims to invite Love into her social circle.

Scott Michael Encourage plays Ryan, who has his own arrangement of dull insider facts he keeps stowed away. He’s a nearby journalist just as a single parent who once had fixation issues. The Last Boat’s Travis Van Winkle’s plays Cary, an enchanting and affluent self-declared organizer who runs his own enhancement organization. And finally, we will see various flashbacks in the new season.