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Doctor Strange 2 Delayed Once Again. Click to know

Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange 2 Updates: Doctor Strange is one of the mystical sorcerers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who understands the concept of the Multiverse completely and is the one responsible for protecting its Stability.

Wanda Maximox or Scarlett Witch after losing vision to Thanos during Infinity war broke down completely and vanished alongside half of the beings in the MCU due to Thanos’s snap woke up realizing that Avengers successfully reversed the snap and join hands with thousands of heroes to help Captain and other remaining Avengers to win over the past Thanos’ in Endgame.

After the win over Thanos’ in Endgame, Wanda realizes that her love of life, the vision wasn’t alive and that his death could never be reversed in this reality creates an alternate reality called the west view a manipulated version of the east view where Wanda writes the rules and controls everything.

This leads her to believe that she can live there forever with Vision and their kids for as long as they want but then there is Agatha Harkness who believes that Wanda should use her powers more effectively and destructively decides to mess things around her which brokes the west view and eventually both of them fight over in which Wanda won.

After the reality, she started learning about witches and the multiverse hoping to get back to Vision and her kids, wicken, and speed.

Doctor Strange 2 Delayed

Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange who is responsible for the multiversal stability is expected to stop Wanda from messing with the multiverse and therefore it is expected that strange would have Wanda as his villain in the upcoming aptly named move Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

This movie is the second in the Doctor Strange franchise. But as we learned from the Loki series that there is TVA(Time Variance Authority) that controls the multiverse and preventing it to broke.

Later in the series TVA and its brain He who remains or Kang the conqueror was brought down by Sylvie the lady Loki from an alternate reality who has the powers of enchantment. Loki who was caught by TVA for escaping with the Tesseract was pulled into the mission of finding Sylvie in the earlier episodes strangely falls in love with her and therefore failing to stop her.

Loki also now trying to stop Kang from taking over the Multiverse finds himself involved in the madness. Doctor Strange 2 and Spiderman 3 became the most interesting movies overnight due to these two series. Since spider man is releasing this Christmas you would naturally expect Doctor strang to be released in summer next year.

And for the time being according to the schedule, it was just about right but due to the series of events happening in the UK over the COVID-19 Pandemic, the movie is now expected to postpone 4 the time moving its original date of the new year 2021 to almost summer 2023 which is almost twice the time it would have taken to complete the movie. There is no official news about the release dates as far as now stay tuned for that. Thank you for reading.