As the trailer unfolds a bit of story line In the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, Doctor Strange is seen implying to Peter Parker, on how it feels uncanny but he’d allow the activity and this us what is the latest meme fodder on the social networking site -Twitter. After some days of the fake release of the movie the makers released its original version keeping their focus on the teaming up of Dr. Stranger and Peter Parker abs this teaming up definitely caught the attention of the anticipated fans and this provoked a hysterical meme fest . In the much anticipated film trailer Peter Parker is seen to go back to a time zone and he pleads to setback the time to Dr. Strange and he constrains. The netizens surely can’t await for the 17th of December to see how the story unfolds which already showed glimpses of some romance , epic action, suspense and drama. The memers on the social media platforms made memes which caught their sole attention on the line spoken by Dr.Strange played by Benedict Cumberbatch which goes like , “That feels weird, but I’ll allow it”; and the cybernauts have been using it in their daily awkward situations eg– when when friends calls one by their full name, to parents respecting their children’s opinion; which is very much familiar to all of us on our everyday basis. The first four episodes of  the mind-blogging Titans Season 3 are available now on channel of HBO Max and episode 5 will release on August 26th. Originally the team as cruel as they might be ;have dissected the death to kicstart the much awaited Titans ,Season 3 and as we see that One of the things  that the Titans struggled in the first two seasons was the idea of killing heroes and it made the series to push hard for folks to die as Dick (Brenton Thwaites) was still in the early stages of forging his Nightwing identity away from Robin, all while forming a new team and symbol outside of Gotham. It was just a lot of stability and , which is why fandom did not take kind consideration to Wonder Girl’s rushed death, with the slow implementation commimgling a clearly tactless shock factor move. However in the much tensed of Season 3 all of this totally bucks with a major death that feels connected to the plot. When actually figuring who got killed and why it had to happen even though it’s tragic now, looking as Donna Troy has appeared in promotional posters and been spotted with Blackfire, the board still figures on if she’s dead. Paradise Island has the magic. The casualty is yet to be counted as Raven’s also with Donna’s body and the Amazons. As follows the netizens and the fans of  Titans need to await and the crew and board are yet to show the stakes are high and that there is really a sense of gravity in the war to come. There’s no better character to implement the course of death and destruction than Red Hood, upping the ante from the comics and animated movies where Jason killed only villains. But by taking out a hero, he shows he’s irredeemable and a soul truly corrupted by darkness. It provides the perfect foil to Dick, giving him his own Joker, in a sense, who knows how to push all his buttons. By removing Hawk up this season rolls off with so much bang on performance but with all its credibility it also removes someone . in terms of ancedotal it tells us that the hot-headed Hank works better. The appearance projects that the egotists are susceptible and to add on ,no one would expect an angry chap like him to tell Gar to make sure the family stays united and doesn’t fall into hatred and war like Jason. All of this injects  fear  as one of Titans’ major themes doubts in the youth, working well with the Bat-family’s angle where Bruce weaponized fear for his charges. To further add on to ;Hank’s death helps clear up space for coming of up new characters and new arcs. This show doesn’t want to get on to elaborate so this clears the clutter for Commissioner Barbara Gordon to work with and possibly discord with the Titans. To simply add on it shows that Hank has duely ran his course with the Hawk yet being a sacrificial lamb that feels organic in motivating and evolving the others to be better heroes and not reiterate the ways of a inaccurate crimefighter. After testing a lot of patience for the netizens the first quick look of the much awaited “The Matrix 4” has been unveiled. This glimpse shows us Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss back in their roles as Neo and Trinity, which has been kept under wraps, but a quick look was shown at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Tuesday night. The film’s trailer opened up with Reeves, going by his pre-Matrix name Thomas Anderson, speaking with his therapist, played by Neil Patrick Harris. “Am I crazy?” he questions and “We don’t use that word in here,” Harris’ character replies. Next, on to the trailer we see the character Neo , saying hello to Trinity (Moss) in a cafe. “Have we met?” she asks and rightfully they don’t seem to remember each other. Later on the show this character is seen to take on pills and looks at himself in a mirror as Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” plays. Something is seen to be clearly off about his reality, and he surely knows it. Blue pills pour into the sink, and Neo sees a vision of himself turning into an old man in the mirror. A blue-haired woman tells the character of Neo that if he wants the truth, he’ll have to follow her and all of this starts with the action and we ,as the thrilled audience gets to see all kinds of jumping, twisting, slow-motion martial arts, and gravity-defying acrobatics synonymous with the franchise. Another happening is seen here in this season is the appearance of the newcomer to the Matrixverse Yahya Abdul-Mateen II who bravely fights with Keanu, leading to an energy explosion. “After all these years to be going back to where it all started… back to the Matrix,” says another new addition to the franchise, Jonathan Groff, as the trailer comes to an end. The whole action packed trailer has been directed by the talented solo Lana Wachowski, who also co-directed and co-wrote the first three Matrix installments with sister Lilly Wachowski. Another additional addition to this film which will engulf and loop on the mass of audience from across the Globe is the featuring of  Priyanka Chopra Jonas. The Matrix: Resurrections is to be premiered on the 22nd of December. At present there is a lot of news regarding the season 9 of series, “DEXTER”; courtesy:TCA SUMMER PRESS TOUR. The news focuses on if exactly the next season is on the list or not but as of current scenario they haven’t cleared up any air of opening for a season 10. Want to make sure you don’t miss any Dexter video coverage? Then be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Matt & Jess on YouTube if you do not want to miss any “Dexter”series coverage;in here We would be covering the new show the moment that it premieres. As a lot of of shows hang on to continue and hoop on audience for years, Network head Gary Levine strongly indicated that they only plan to give this a proper farewell and not go on stretching it ,instead a glorious farewell is what they look at. They also say that : “Dexter is a jewel in the crown of Showtime and we didn’t do it justice in the end. That has always been a whiz under my saddle. We’ve always wanted to see if there was a way to do it right and it took a long time to figure out what that was. It took a long time for Michael [C. Hall] to be willing to revisit the role. We’re thrilled to get [Clive] Phillips back. We finally got to a place that I just can’t wait to show the world”. He also stated that: “We call it a limited series but the rules say it can’t be a limited series if it’s coming from something that was on the air for a long time. So we call it a special event here. For me, it’s a revisiting of Dexter and a proper finale for a brilliant season.” Considering some factors of a spin off, Network head Gary Levine doesn’t think that all these is on focus as of now but surely in this statement he hints out on looking for a lot of new comers for the new characters coming and eventually all of these could lead he and his team to find a good candidate for “Dexter” and this could be the ideal focus for the series.

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