James Gunn Reveals the method by which he picks characters to kill

James Gunn Updates: Even before they started shooting, James Gunn makes sure that none of the characters get too attached to each other and are ready to face death in the upcoming movie.

With a cast of well-known actors, James Gunn has a brilliant method in which he makes sure that none of the characters are too close with one another and can handle the death of other characters. He had to choose from to populate the film to decide who lives and who dies in the film. At a press conference, he said,

James also says that all the characters in the movie were close to him and seeing them die is not the best way to say goodbye.

What James Gunn Shared About His Method?

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Gunn also spoke that he had to watch some deaths himself and even go through in order to know what is going to happen in order to prepare himself for the release and not get attached to any character so that it becomes difficult for him to see that character die in the scene.

He said that there are many characters that he likes and their death actually breaks his heart but that is just the way a film works. Preparing for the character to die is better than just breaking your heart while watching the original release and cry over it.

James also reveals that it still breaks his heart that there are some characters that have to die. This way nobody gets attached to a character that they know is going to die and it all works out for the best.

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