Apex Legend Season 10 Trailer Launched & Other Details

Apex Legend Season 10 Updates: Apex Legend Season 10’s trailer was recently released and it gave a peek at the abilities of the Seer, the latest addition to the game that focuses on tracking nearby enemies.

The EA Play Live 2021 released the trailer for Apex Legend Season 10. The trailer gave a look at the abilities of the game’s newest playable character, Seer. The seer was introduced in a recent animated trailer which revealed the character’s backstory. The animated trailer also set the tone for the Season 10 trailer which might just be Apex Legend’s best trailer yet.

As Apex Legend prepares to release its tenth season, some players of the game have become weary of it. They believe that the game isn’t evolving fast enough to keep its players engaged. Popular Streamer Dr. Disrespect is among those who have grown tired of the game. He went so far as to call the game boring.

What made him grow so frustrated with the game was the character’s shield. During one of his streams, he called this particular mechanic one of the key reasons why he wishes to quit playing the game. During the same stream, he added that he might uninstall Apex Legend, but that might have been just saying in jest.

Apex Legend Season 10 Trailer


Seer has been a mystery for so long but now with the trailer launch, we have learned about his abilities. With the game director Chad Grenier chipping in to make his comments about the character during the EA Play and the trailer, the audience got a proper look at what Seer’s abilities will be. Seer’s unique ability is to locate the opponent by sensing their heartbeat, during ADSing.

The Seer can then send a group of drones to hunt the opponents down and also reveal their location for allies. Seer’s ultimate ability was revealed at the end of the trailer, he can form a huge dome of drones that reveals every fast-moving enemy to him and in extension, to the squad.

These are not all of his abilities but they will soon be revealed in a gameplay trailer that Respawn will launch in a few days. Apex Legend Season 10 will release on August 3, which will give enough time to those who haven’t finished completing the Season 9 Battle Pass, to finish it and level up.

Seer is not the first character in the game who has abilities to track their enemies. It is quite odd that the developers have added another scout right after Valkyrie who has her own tracking passive perk. Seer is unique in the fact that his sole purpose is to track opponents by all means. It seems like Seer will completely replace Crypto in the near future as the character does call for a much-needed rework. One can play Apex Legend on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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