Loki Season 2: Director Kate Herron Reveals How Tom Hiddleston Helped to shape finale

Loki Season 2 Updates: Loki’s emergency runner-up in the finale of the first season was changed and corrected as late as possible.

In the dramatic ending of Disney+, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sofia Dimartino) had a dispute, this time the reason was that Sylvie was determined to kill The person who died (Jonathan Majors).

However, Loki angrily urges her to reconsider her opinion, as this may lead to the consequences of the sacred timeline and unpleasant changes in the mysterious characters (“Pull a billion soldiers out of your pocket”) and so on. The point is that he doesn’t want to heal the pain in his heart.

“The cost of not understanding the situation is unbelievable,” Loki pleaded with the magician. “I’m where you are. I feel how you feel. Try not to ask how I know. I only know that I would rather not hurt you. I don’t need a seat. I just hope you are okay.”

As director Keith Herron As pointed out, this surprisingly frank speech may be the second difficulty of the finale.

“I, [the last] writer Eric [Martin], Tom, and Sofia, we dealt with the speech that Loki put on hold before filming because we had to reach the goal,” Herron said. Electronic warfare. last Friday. “I think those words-they come from Tom,” I just need you to be okay.

“Considering the fact that there is fear in it, it is so important, right? Because his behavior has improved and he has overcome his torture…and his resentment, he is not what you need. For you For someone who is very important, you don’t need it. However, she did not fully embark on this path, and she understands it anyway.” The sweet introduction of

What Tom Hiddleston Shared About Loki Season 2?


Loki triggered a long-awaited introduction between the two variants. Kiss; however, their lives are not happy because Sylvie focuses on her main goal. After the kiss, Sylvie opened the old door, pushed Loki in, and killed the rest.

“I think this kiss is really great for me because I don’t think it’s a prank or a trick,” Herron said. “I think this is just a farewell to her. I think she misses him very much, but it’s just her tendency to complete the task because the fact that she and he are not in the same place makes her at a loss. I think Sylvie is here. In this respect.” The scene is very similar to Loki in the Torah. She has this kind of resentment and pain, she really won’t be satisfied with a better choice. “What is the next perfect?

(WandaVision is planned as a limited edition series, and the future of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a bit bleak because the fourth Captain America is in development.) According to Herron, the second “When I started, we basically saw everything as a separate story, which is a separate story. T scene,” he said.

“The miracle must be like a Goliath movie so we always see it as a monster movie, even though its second hand is obvious and it needs to be discussed for a month and a half. However, season 2 came out like this. We cut it out It just started because Marvel is very passionate about the story and Loki.

We have prepared a lot here, but in general, there is still a lot to do about not participating in the second season of the show. “I’m just in the first season, this Mainly because I am very excited about the story we are telling,” she said.

“I once managed to show up [one season] and said that we made history at the beginning, and I am very grateful to Marvel. It completely changed me, I love this person, but without me, I would definitely participate in the second season as a fan, and I am happy to see how other bosses deal with it.

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