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Spider-Man Insomniac Updates: Insomniac’s Lead Designer Mike Daly has opened up about how his studio is currently working towards making the game more accessible to newcomers rather than making the game difficult for the elite players aka the very experienced players.

No newcomer to a particular game would expect the game to be tough and always expects it to be rather understanding and make them learn the game so that they can actually enjoy rather than just quitting because the game is too tough.

Mike has answered the debate of how much easy the game is and he is in full support of the easiness of the game rather than making it more difficult.

In a recent sit-down, Insomniac director Mike Daly spoke of how his studio’s approach to video game difficulty evolved over the years,

“We no longer think about, like, ‘What will make the most elite players feel good about themselves?’” Daly explained. “And more like, ‘What will enable everybody to have the experience they want to have?’ Because that’s sort of the most important thing to us.”

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An example of this shifting view is how Rift Apart allows players to skip the game’s laser-rotating Trespasser puzzles, which Daly notes “would have been unthinkable three to five years ago.”

Insomniac’s view of making the game more accessible to newcomers is actually paying off as the charts speak for themselves where the growth of the game is actually increasing and more and more newcomers are joining the game and are actually enjoying playing the game.

They have been trying to maintain the fun and challenges that both the newcomers and the elite players are actually getting are incredible. They are managing both sides of the gamer personalities even in games like Ratchet And Clank: Rift Apart and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

While some may scoff at features like skipping puzzles or “invincibility mode,” they do allow new fans to step into the amazing worlds that studios like Insomniac create, and can even set them on the path to becoming seasoned gamers themselves someday. Well let us know what you think about this and also stay tuned for more updates.

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