Selena Gomez rocks in her comedy series ‘Only Murders in The Building’

Selena Gomez Updates: Selena Gomez a famous and talented Hollywood singer and actress has become the young star of her movie ‘Only Murders In The Building’. She is an actress who truly believes in self-love, hard work, and passion.

After working so hard in the movie she really appreciates the kind of love fans are showing to the movie. In the movie, we also see the comedy icons Steve Martin,76, and Martin Short,71 sharing screen with Selena Gomez.

“After all the things Selena has done in the business both in acting and in music, she feels like she finally has realized where she wants to be and that is thanks to the success of ‘Only Murders In The Building’.

To have worked and to be working with Steve Martin and Martin Short on something that has been so well received she feels it has and will catapult her into roles that she really wants to do,” said the source close to her.

Selena Gomez in Only Murders in The Building

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In a competitive field, it is really difficult to find the best for you and to make the way for success. Selena Gomez has shown me the best example of how you can achieve your destiny if you’re passionate enough about it. She is the kind of girl who has taught many teenagers about the importance of self-belief and self-love.

No matter what you do or no matter where you go you always find people who will drag you down but you will have to come stronger out of it. You should know about the people who want to stop your growth and who want to uplift you.

“In a weird and wonderful way, she feels her role as Mabel has really opened some doors and has shown producers and directors that she can really hang with a great set of scripts and work on some fun meaty, and funny material.

She’s loving this point in her career and also working on her cooking show, it just feels for her she has settled into something special that will lead into an even wonderful future with her work,” the source added.

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