YOU Season 3 Coming Soon to Netflix – Release Date and Plot Details

YOU Season 3 is Coming to Netflix, not you but the series YOU. I see how confusing it is going to get for a friend circle to discuss the upcoming series YOU which is going to release on 15th October 2021. YOU is a psycho-thriller series in which the main character Joe Goldberg played by Penn Badgely is a sociopath and stalks his crush who later turns out to be his girlfriend but eventually killing her and then in season 2 he finds his match who also is a sociopath but we don’t have enough details on her but we do know that she could be the mother of the child who Joe was referring to in the trailer of YOU Season 3.

YOU Season 3 Trailer

Joe was talking to the viewers as if the viewers were his child, trying to name the child in the best way possible and saying that he would be a better person who his child would want to call dad, and at the end of the trailer, the baby is named as Henry. Though the trailer was very enticing it is still very uncomfortable with all the vivid red dressing on the cake and a very terrifying knife also the fact that little Henry’s dad is a murderer and a sociopath and so is his mother.

There is still a question if that if the child is in good care or not everything aside there is a chance that this child might make things right. At the end of season 2, YOU left us with a lot of dead bodies and also the fact that Love played Joe and reveal to him that she was the one manipulating him to fall for her and not the other way around as Joe said once that it is broken attracts broken so does psychopath attracts psychopath all the murder resulted in Joe and Love shifting to a new place.

Since they were shifting they obviously made new friends and there are going to be new cast members in the upcoming season there is also a possibility that Joe and Love will meet the consequences of the actions that took place in the previous seasons stating that the demise is near and they have a baby on the way.

Release Date

There are many questions that arise talking about the baby Henry one being that if he is in good care or not or like in the book version of the series it is said that Joe Goldberg moves on from Love
and falls in love with a librarian he works with but there is no hard proof if the Netflix series YOU Season 3 is going to stick with the book version. And if he does move on what happens to the baby? Well, I guess we’ll have to stay tuned for all our questions to be answered by 15th October 2021.

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