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Marvel’s Avengers War for Wakanda – Nothing is released From the Main Game

War for Wakanda

War for Wakanda Updates: War for Wakanda will not use anything that is used in the previous game and it will be entirely a new experience for the gamers.

The next big project for the Crystal Dynamics is the Black Panther war. The Environment will be new and there will be nothing reused as per the developers. The Marvel’s Avengers continuously faced many technical issues and problems which were stated by the players. Now, Crystal Dynamics had made sure that no problem occurs and the content can be downloaded free.

Marvel’s Avengers has only two heroes as players since it’s release. Now Crystal Dynamics has made its introduction to new hero into the game, Black Panther- War for Wakanda DLC. This will enable the gamers to move on with a super cool location isolated from the rest of the world, The hyper advanced African Civilization.

War for Wakanda: Role of Players-T’Challa:

The players in the game will be able to play the role of T’Challa, The ruler of the Black Panther kingdom. They will fight with their enemies to save the kingdom and also to bring wisdom to the kingdom. This War for Wakanda DLC allows the players to face new challenges and also new Bosses who they have to face in order to achieve the goals.

 War for Wakanda

Crystal Dynamics has revealed more about the new features and also about the War for Wakanda. In a blog from the developer of  Crystal  Dynamics, he has mentioned that the game will be totally a new environment. It will be unique when compared to other states in the game. The chest and others treasures in the game will be totally different and has new versions.

Prepare to prowl through the lush Wakandan jungle.

Experience Director, Tore Blystad, discusses designing this iconic location and what players can expect when they step foot into the War for Wakanda Expansion.

The War for Wakanda is to be released in the month of August and there will be update regarding it in July. The Marvel’s Avengers has a lot of identical chests, identical treasures, identical enemies and a lot more of same things repeated again.

Crystal Dynamics worked a lot making the game a brand new, making the environment not repeated before. It is going to be a very great experience for the fans who love Black Panther and other marvels.

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