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Fan Cover Art Presents God of War & Loki Crossover in God of Mischief

God of War & Loki Crossover

God of War & Loki Crossover Updates: A God of War inspired post presents a crossover between God of War and Loki, with funny God of Mischief Fan-Art by Butcher Billy. Loki and Kid Loki are in full view in a recent fan cover art for God of War, posted on Instagram.

The God of War and Loki Crossover would be highly appreciated. The fan cover shows what Loki would look like in the God of War game. The cover was made in classic comic book style and saw Kid Loki standing in a power pose while Classic Loki stands behind him with thunder spitting in the background.

The fans of God of War can’t wait for God of War: Ragnarok after it was hinted that Loki might be a part of the game. One fan went so far as to create a fan cover which imagines the God of Mischief in the game.

Kid Loki was first introduced in the Disney+ series Loki, in the fourth episode when Loki is pruned and is sent to the void at the end of times. However, we actually got to know Kid Loki in episode 5 where we learn that Kid Loki is the King of the Void.

In the comics, Kid Loki has incredible powers including powers to polymorph people into animals and binding beasts to his own will. Even though he has just arrived in the MCU, Kid Loki has had many adventures in the comics including his time with the Young Avengers. Now fans are speculating that Kid Loki will appear in God of War as Atreus after the fact got known that his mother was a giant who wanted to name him Loki.

God of War & Loki Crossover

God of War & Loki Crossover

On Instagram, the butcher billy, posted a fan cover art imagining what a crossover between Loki and God of War will look like. On the cover Kid Loki is standing in a power pose with classic Loki behind him. They both are staring in the distance with dark smoke and lighting spitting in the background. The original title God of War has been striked off and replaced by God of Mischief.

The fan art represents the crossover between Loki and God of War perfectly. It stays true to the God of War as Classic Loki represents Kratos and Kid Loki represents Atreus. Kratos and Atreus share a father/son dynamic in The God of War and Classic Loki and Kid Loki bring out the same dynamic with Classic Loki standing boldly in the background and Kid Loki standing in the foreground looking strong.

God of War: Ragnarok is sure to have many Loki inspired mischiefs. However, there has been no talk of an imminent crossover between the tv show and the game. At the end of the last game it was revealed that Atreus was originally supposed to be named Loki, therefore, being responsible for the end of the world.

Though, not much has been confirmed about The God of War: Ragnarok, Atreus being Loki plotline will not be forgotten. There might not be an actual crossover between Loki and God of War, but fans will have to suffice with imagining what it would look like.

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