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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Release Date Delayed Click to know

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey
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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Updates: The team at Frontier Developments is delaying the release of the game on consoles until the PC version is improved. The PC version has had many technical issues, most of them are which pretty significant ones.

The game launched in May to abysmal review from fans due to plethora of performance-related troubles. The paid DLC also had many issues, the main issue being crashing, server errors, bugs and even some stuff that interfere with older content.

In a Forum post, Frontier Developments CEO and Founder David Braben noted that work on console ports has not progressed as planned because the team is working on addressing the PC issues.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Delayed

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

While the work with PC version goes on, the dates and details will be updated about other platform releases. Thus, the Xbox and PlayStation players should wait a bit more for the game to release on the platforms.

Braben wrote in part: “Only when we feel that the foundation of the PC release is solid, will we be able to re-lay our console roadmap on top. Frontier Developments’ decisions to postpone the release of the console versions for the time being might  disappoint some but it is the right decision after all.

Working on the PC version first will give the developers to take some time and work on the console versions better. This helps the developers to build a bug free console version. As Braben mentioned in the update, Odyssey marks a big step for Elite Dangerous as it allows players to explore the world on foot for the first time.

The focus is now shifted to ensuring players a bug free and stable experience. Let us know what you think of this update and whether you guys will try out the game if it comes to consoles in the future.

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