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Yumi’s cells – The feel-good K-drama is a must watch! Read it here to know WHY?

Yumi’s cells is available to watch on IQ.com for Singapore users. Have you ever just sat through the day or night and thought what my cells are doing right now? Can they talk to other cells like humans or do they just be there? They constantly work day and night; even when we are asleep and we just ignore them. And bringing to life that aspect is this feel-good cutesy drama Yumi’s cells which try to portray how are our inner cells are in turmoil.

Yumi’s cells – The Romantic Comedy

Yumi's Cell K-drama

Yumi a happy-go-lucky girl found herself heartbroken after her recent heartbreak and her love cells went into a deep coma but her surrounding cells didn’t give up and tried to wake her love cells and revive their fallen colleagues. As soon she meets Goo Woong a gamer both of their love cells are back at work and even working overtime!! But can these small cells do some wonder and bring these 2 unique humans together forever?

Playing Yumi is Kim Go-Eun who we might know from Goblin and Guardian: The lonely and great god. And Ahn Bo-Hyun whom we popularly know for his spectacular acts in Itaewon Class and
Descendants of sun. We might suffer from the second lead syndrome as Park Jin-young former Got7 member is playing Yumi’s second boyfriend with whom she has supposedly broken up.

The Reception

This Cell-based Psychological Romance is actually based on a webtoon of the same name. Which has more than 3.2 billion views on Naver when it was published. The show is being produced with 3d Animation which will be the first time any Korean drama has done so.

This 14-episode TV series is going to release on September 17, 2021, with each episode being 1 hour 10 minutes long. It is going to air every Friday and Saturday on TvN and will be released via
streaming media TVING and IQiyi at 10:50 KST.
We just can’t wait for this heart-warming love story to unfold just so that we can fall in love with it.

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