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Netizens To Ban Amber Heard As She Break The Internet

Amber Heard
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Amber Heard Updates: Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom officially started filming in the United Kingdom Friday, after some delays. Director James Wan commemorated the event by sharing a photo of the clapperboard, indicating that the film’s working title is “Necrus” and implying that at least part of the film would be set in an arctic polar location.

Fans of Arthur Curry and the DCEU rejoiced, but those attempting to terminate Amber Heard’s contract gritted their teeth.

Heard and her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, have been embroiled in a bitter court battle for the past few years. Things came to a climax in late 2020, when Depp lost a high-profile lawsuit in London, in which the court determined that calling him a “wife abuser” was not defamatory. Heard is now riding high, despite an expected defamation action in Virginia next year.

Fans of Depp have begun a heated internet campaign against her because of this. Several petitions have been circulated requesting Warner Bros. to dismiss her, as well as attempts to replace Emilia Clarke in the role.

They also disseminated false reports that Heard had failed her physical, that she had broken her contract, that she was uninsurable, that her part would be significantly reduced, and so on. All of it was for naught, but they did manage to make the “Amber Heard” trend on Twitter.

Netizens To Ban Amber Heard, is it justiciable?

 Amber Heard
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I continue to believe that any boycott will fail, simply because, while the Amber Heard haters are vocal, I doubt they will have much of an influence on the film’s box office.

Furthermore, the original Aquaman was a worldwide blockbuster hit, performing particularly well in the valued Chinese market. Will the personal life of the actor portraying Mera be of interest to foreign audiences? I have my doubts.

At this point, the only thing that may derail the film is a major legal setback for Heard — if she loses her impending Virginia lawsuit, Warner Bros. could find itself in a difficult situation. But, for the time being, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is bucking the trend and will be released in theatres on December 16, 2022.